Friday, December 28, 2007

Jasper likes Christmas

We had a nice Christmas this year. Jasper loves it and thinks the christmas tree is for him. After we first brought it in, he just sits under it, sort of like he is protecting it. Here is our Big tree this year. Sorry I dont know how to make it rotate
On Christmas Eve day, we had this box delivered. So we got a present and got to open it. We were sort of afraid after seeing the damage of the box.

For Christmas Eve we went to my Aunt Carole and Uncle Toms house. It was them, My cousin James and his girlfriend Sarah, Mike and Cindy

and Shannon and I.
(So here is my current belly status) Oh and Billett.

It was a nice night and we had a nice dinner.

Christmas morning we got up and opened the gifts for Baby Madsen and stockings. Jasper was all over the idea of helping with this and being part of it.
You see his tail and head here and there.
Then we went to the Dewings and do Christmas morning there.

Here is the toy airplane Shannon and the baby got.
Tom got a frog.

Next it was back to our house to finish opening presents. Shannon put together my present that came in the box. His parents sent us the glider on our baby registry. Its great. This is our place after opening presents. We had fun and made a mess.
Shannon went outside (it was sunny) and he got to fly his flying dragonfly.

It was really nice Christmas. So tell us about yours.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Holidays, end of year and not much to report

Wow the holidays came on fast. I have never been so late in doing my shopping. I am still not done and its Dec 18th. I am usually done by Thanksgiving. We do have a tree but I did not do my normal decorating. I started so late, I could not see going through all the work and taking in down in two weeks. I really miss having the family traditions of going to relatives houses or just visiting with people.
Other things going on:
Pregnancy is going fine and you can click on the little madsen link to go to the baby website.
Still not working and it is harder to look and find something at this time of year. Maybe after the holidays I will get that busy time where I book up clients. I have July and September through the rest of the year very open. I of course have January through March also available. Thats normal though to be slow at that time.
Not sure that there is much else to report. The outdoor cat left a yucky dead and partly eaten rat on the front door step. YUCK!!! Shannon will clean it up.
Last week Shannon had a business trip to San Diego and I went with him. That was fun. Saw Angel and Nina. IT was nice to visit, have a change of scenery and it was a fast trip. Nice weather the first day though.
Oh and I almost forgot, I finally finished my Europe trip album. Next I can start on 2006 album. I have discovered the scrapbooking thing is a bit more time consuming than I care to do.
Not much else. Christmas is coming up. Will probably go to my Aunt and Uncles christmas morning, maybe for Christmas eve also. That is about it for the plans for Christmas. New years we will venture out, probably locally. NOt up to big plans or expensive things this year. Not working is making me no spend money.
So what are your HOliday plans?

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

For Thanksgiving this year, Shannon and I went to Copperas Cove Texas. (My Aunt and Uncle, cousin and her son and my Grandmother live there) In case you want to know where that is, its next to Killeen about 1.5 hours from Austin. We flew in to Austin. The flights were fine. On the way, we stopped in Vegas for about an hour. So rather than put money in the slots, we ate food. There was a lot of children on this flight. The little boy in front of us was a character, probably about 3 years old. Right after the fasten seat belt sign when on as we are approaching landing, he says "Mom, I have to pee". It was so funny how he said it and then the carry on that came next. He kept telling Mom, no I wont hold it and stuff. The flight attendant said he could not get up and go to the rest room, had to wait. It was amusing. However then after he started with it, I had to go too. I told him I would race him to the bathroom at the airport. The next flight was not too exciting. We arrived at the Austin airport and met my dad at baggage claim.(Dad flew in from Nashville for Thanksgiving also) We waited for luggage. For the first time in my life, the airline lost my luggage. I have never ever lost luggage before. So we waited and went through that little carry on so when they find it they will bring it to us. (Not sure they realize how far Copperas Cove is) Anyway, after that, we got the rental car and off towards Copperas Cove we went. Took forever it seemed like to drive, since by the time we stopped and ate and arrived at my Aunts, it was 9pm. (Flight landed about 5:40)
So the next day, since grandma was not feeling that great, we hung around my Aunts. Shannon tried to do work. I just got to visit with everyone which was fine with me. We eventually went by grandma's and she was feeling much better so she came back with us to my Aunts to visit. Bob (my uncle) made a fabulous dinner that night. Wednesday, Shannon and I decided to go explore Austin. Unfortunately it was about 12:30 before we left the house. We also went through Killeen and then I-35 which was the long way or more traffic way or something. By the time we actually were anywher in Austin, it was 4:15. We did not do much as it was day before Thanksgiving and things were closing at 5. We went to the state capital, wandered around there and I chased squirels. We drove around more in Austin and then eventually had dinner. We got back to Copperas Cove by around 9. These last couple days in Texas it has been 80 in the day and 60 at night, however it is getting chilly for the cold front coming through.

Thanksgiving day was CHHILLY! I never even bothered going outside. Hung around, sort of helped with my aunt, sort of visit with my dad and the others, watched a little Football and such. It was a nice day, nothing significant or out of the ordinary to report. My friend Jay from one of the bands sent me a text. His wife had given birth on Wednesday to a baby boy and the message said that he came out to "Back in BLack" by AC/DC on the ipod. That was just classic to hear. We did have a nice turkey dinner and visiting with my grandmother and family.
Friday we headed home early. Left Copperas Cove around 7 am to head to Austin for a flight. Got back to California around 3 and came home to see the cat!
Hope everyone had a Wonderful Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Here is the latest news

We have exciting news that I have been wanting to tell everyone for weeks! Today we are letting you know that there will be a little Kristin or Shannon running around as of May 2008. Yes I am pregnant and we are excited. The due date for the baby is May 21, 2008. We are not planning on finding out if it is a boy or girl. Since so many family and friends are spread out everywhere, I have set up a website to check in and see pictures, information, progress and anything else. Please sign the guest book and pass on the comments and such so we know that people have seen out announcement.

Friday, October 19, 2007

I am soooo Jealous of this woman!!

I can not tell you how much I wish I was this woman!!!

Woman fined for hammering Comcast office
Her fury with cable company led to attacks on keyboard, monitor, phone

Updated: 10:29 a.m. PT Oct 19, 2007
BRISTOW, Virginia - She was fined and got a suspended jail sentence, but Mona Shaw says she has no regrets about using a hammer to vent her frustration at a cable company.

"I stand by my actions even more so after getting all these telephone calls and hearing other people's complaints," she told The Associated Press in an interview Friday.

Shaw, 75, and her husband, Don, say they had an appointment in August for a Comcast technician to come to their Bristow home to install the company's heavily advertised Triple Play phone, Internet and cable service.
The Shaws say no one came all day, and the technician who showed up two days later left without finishing the setup. Two days after that, Comcast cut off all their service.

At the Comcast office in Manassas later that day, they waited for a manager for two hours before being told the manager had left for the day, the Shaws say.

Shaw, a churchgoing secretary of the local AARP branch, returned the next Monday _ with a hammer.

"I smashed a keyboard, knocked over a monitor ... and I went to hit the telephone," Shaw said. "I figured, 'Hey, my telephone is screwed up, so is yours.'"

Comcast Corp., the nation's largest cable company, disputes Shaw's version of its customer service record and calls Shaw's hammer fit on Aug. 20 an "inappropriate situation."

"Nothing justifies this sort of dangerous behavior," Comcast spokeswoman Beth Bacha said.

Police arrested Shaw for disorderly conduct. She received a three-month suspended sentence, was fined $345 and and is barred from going near the Comcast offices for a year.

The Shaws did eventually get phone and television service _ with Verizon and DirecTV.

She said many people have called her a hero. "But no, I'm just an old lady who got mad. I had a hissy fit," she said.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

San Diego trip Angel's Wedding

We went downt to San Diego to attend Angel and Dave's wedding. We arrived Thursday night and stayed up North in Poway. As we checked into the hotel, the hotel clerk asked if we were here for the Air Show. Shannon's face lit up and we knew what we would do on Friday. There was an air show over at Mirmar air base. IT was a Friday so not that many people there. I had never been to an airshow so it was pretty neat. We could walk in some of the planes and watched the Thunderbirds preform and the Patriots who are based out of Byron where Shannon flies the glider. We only took a few pictures but they are neat to see.

Saturday we spent the day shopping and just wasting time. We woke up to rain and it had rained all night. I had brought a sundress to wear to the wedding and silly me did not bring a back up outfit so we went out to find one. I figured there must be a plan B for the wedding since it was outside. As you see, they tented the area and it worked out great.

I did not take a lot of pictures but I have one of the happy couple and one of Angels mom and myself.

I also attempted to take one of the cake cutting.

Sunday we had no idea what to do with ourselves. We took a drive North on 15 towards Temecula and San Diego Wine country. The landscaping in San Diego is dry shrubery, not the hills with grass like in Northern California. The drive was not to exciting, not too much to see. The highlight was the damn we saw near Fallbrook (forgot the name of it). IT was huge and very impressive. No pictures, we left the camera in the car. We went back towards the beach area to eat and relax and then caught our 7 pm flight. It was a nice weekend and very nice wedding.

I spoke to Angel after they returned from their honeymoon. (They went on a cruz to the Mexican Riviera, I think) She had mentioned that they were expecting a full house. Daves family lives up north in the area where the fires were approaching, I am not too sure were exactly. I do know they were planning to evacuate but I hope it worked out they did not have to.

For Tami

So this is the new tie my mother in law gave to Jasper and he just did not really care. We put it on and he went about his normal like he did not notice.

Then this one is for Tami, we put the orange hair on jasper. He did not go with this much. Wanted it off. Could not get a good picture of him.

This is Jaspers new Krinkle Cave and he loves it, he sits in and and barely fits. He likes the crinkle noise is makes as he moves.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I can post anything here. Nobody reads it. Cool

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The latest as of now

I have not put much up here lately. Basically because I have not done much to talk about. September I once again became unemployed but that is just as well as I would not have been wanting to work there permanent. The place was so behind in times and lacking any structure. Anyway.....Whats been going on? Hmmm celebrated Tami's birthday with you. You can read about that in her blog. I had a wedding on September 15th. Oh thats right, I spent from Monday Sept 17 until Sunday the 23rd doing Walnut Festival stuff. Helped in set up and then did volunteer work in the fishing clinic, kids section, the wine booth and stuff. The fishing clinic was great. Friday we planted 250 pounds of catfish in the lake out at heather farms, which was interesting and fun. Overall, the festival went well this year and hopefully better next year. The Smoking J's got to play, unfortunately it was a really slow slot but fun. I kept busy with whatever and was glad as it occupied what would have been a boring week. Unfortunately I wont be at the meeting next week to see the results and how we actually did. After that week, I went to apply at a temp place by recommendation of my cousin. I am willing to do temp jobs day to day or week to week or whatever. I did book a wedding in April and we still do not have a location so that is a bit of a challenge for me right now. My brother came into town on Friday the 28th. He and his girlfriend stayed with us Friday night and then headed out to SF and Mendocino and further north for the rest of the week. She has never been to California and she was in love with it here in 4 hours. She is from Tennessee. Thats about all thats been going on. My mother comes to visit the 10th for 10 days. We go to San Deigo for Angel's wedding on the 11th so that will be great to visit down there. I have a wedding to occupy my time this weekend in Napa and should be kinda fun as Tami is helping me and we are staying in Napa Friday night. I am racking my brain trying to think of something else interesting to post about. Dang it, I have not been doing anything. Thats what happens in the fall and winter. Once I have no weddings, I am on down time and do not know what to do with myself. I do plan to finish the scrap books, I am up to Sept 2005 so its getting close. Well, until next week or me with your excitement.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Labor Day Weekend 2007

Labor day weekend this year was fun. My mom's cousin Nancy and her husband Brian, Shannon and I and Mike and then Jim and his dad and dad's girlfriend, we all went to the Highland game in Pleasanton. I apparently was the only one who had been. We had fun and fortunately it was not tooo hot as it had been during the week. It was great to see the grand finale with over 800 pipers out there to preform together. That is my favorite part. We also watched the sheep dog trials which was intersting and saw the highland cows. OH thats right, Shannon's favorite part might have been the Birds of prey exhibit. That was pretty cool to see the huge birds and tiny little owl. I enjoyed watching the caber toss and we did not watch some of the other heavy weight events but I usually enjoy seeing them.
That night we met up with Jodie, Mark and Cooper for a casual dinner.
Sunday I had a wedding in the city. (Yes the bay bridge was closed labor day weekend. The traffic was easier then a normal Saturday all year) The wedding was at a hotel I had not been to before, The Clift hotel. It was a really different and beautiful location. I do not have a picture from this but thinking I may need to start an Events by Kristin blog. Seems people like to see and read about their own wedding and such.
Monday we went to the Lindsay Wildlife Museum in Walnut Creek. Actually, we went and did several things. We went to the PLayground I had helped with back in April. I had not seen it done yet. We then went to the Museum. I had not been in at least 15 years and it is in a new building now. It was neat to see the Mountain Lion and the birds. The Bald Eagle was cooling off in his pool as you can see.

The next part of the day drove around. We went to see the house I lived in from when I was 1 until I was 9. It looks so different than I remember.

After that, we somehow ended up just driving around looking at houses for Sale. We did
that until about 7 or so that night. We saw some great neighborhoods and crazy priced areas also. I guess it was not a very exciting weekend but we had a lot of fun.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Anniversary Weekend

We celebrated our Anniversary weekend by going up to Mendocino/Fort Bragg. We stopped at a few places on the drive up. One place was the Redwood forest. (Had I written this sooner, I would remember the name) So here is a picture from there. It was so beautiful and significant since we were married in a redwood grove. We saw a small deer family but they ran too quick to get a picture.

These pictures were all taken from out room or a walk down the path from our room. The place was a great location. We did have a hot tub in the room. Neat idea but I don't recommend it. It did not get over 97 degrees so was just barely like a warm bath. Then at about 5 am it starts running again, every 10 minutes it runs. UGh.

We had a nice dinner in Fort Bragg. Actually our room was in Fort Bragg also. We went to the handmade ice cream place after and then went to the beach and drove around.

Sunday was fun. Shannon actually got to look at the beautiful setting because we went on the skunk train. It was fun and excellent weather for this.

These are all pictures from the Skunk train. We had lunch and headed home. We missed the Botanical garden that was on our list so we will have to go back. We had a wonderful weekend!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Have you known me since 1984?

If you knew me in 1984-1987 maybe. You know I babysat for the lady next door, Robyn. They had a huge old english sheepdog and then in 1984 Lauren was born. I babysat her a lot. Took her everywhere and to Baskin Robbins. I think Robyn probably practically paid for my first car since I earned money from then. Well here is some pictures and Robyn is on the end, then Lauren (now 22) and me and our neighbor Lynn Caldwell. Just sharing the picture of people I knew then.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Reunion of Cry Wolf - A few will enjoy this

Michael/Kelly Larsen and Mike - remember he had red hair and is tall!

Kristin Steve Jenkins and Tami

Me, Michael Larsen, Sona and Michaels wife. (I recoginize her but just dont remember)

Brad Braden, Scott Zimmerman and Brian Braden (I think is his name) Old neighbors

Obviously me and for those of you that know him, that is Kelly Larsen Michael Larsen, it you all recall he switched names.

This is the singer from Cry Wolf

This is Sean McKeon, Brian Braden, Scott Zimmerman, John Link (drummer # 2 for Cry Wolf and drummer from Murder Bay) and Steve Jenkins.

So for those of you that have known me long enough or hung out with me in the late 80's early 90's, you will get a kick out of this. Saturday night was the reunion show of Cry Wolf. ( I still can not believe I went to this or how strange it was.
This may not be all that interesting to anyone unless they were in the scene or knew me or some of these people.
Tami went with me to this place called Vinnies in Concord. The place was full of musicians. It was an odd collection of people for me. I not only saw people I hung out with in the day of the bands but I also saw ones that I knew and were not really people I expected to see there. Such as the guy on the board of directors for the Walnut festival. Or Scott zimmerman, my neighbor from when I was 9-16. I will label people. If I can find the old pictures from the bands, I will post them. Then there was also Sona and Rob Teed (darn it, no picture) and Brie and others. It was really very interesting. We definetly felt young in the bar. I was 18 or 19 when I had started to hang out in this scene. At the time, the guys in the bands all had long hair. Now it is short, shaved or completely different. I saw a lot of people that I recognized the faces but had to ask who people were. Apparently everyone was doing that. It is hard to put into words what we saw that night, it was an experience. Tami will add to this I am sure. I can also lead those of you interested to another place to see more. Here is one location to see more. Michael Larsen's myspace (