Monday, August 20, 2007

Reunion of Cry Wolf - A few will enjoy this

Michael/Kelly Larsen and Mike - remember he had red hair and is tall!

Kristin Steve Jenkins and Tami

Me, Michael Larsen, Sona and Michaels wife. (I recoginize her but just dont remember)

Brad Braden, Scott Zimmerman and Brian Braden (I think is his name) Old neighbors

Obviously me and for those of you that know him, that is Kelly Larsen Michael Larsen, it you all recall he switched names.

This is the singer from Cry Wolf

This is Sean McKeon, Brian Braden, Scott Zimmerman, John Link (drummer # 2 for Cry Wolf and drummer from Murder Bay) and Steve Jenkins.

So for those of you that have known me long enough or hung out with me in the late 80's early 90's, you will get a kick out of this. Saturday night was the reunion show of Cry Wolf. ( I still can not believe I went to this or how strange it was.
This may not be all that interesting to anyone unless they were in the scene or knew me or some of these people.
Tami went with me to this place called Vinnies in Concord. The place was full of musicians. It was an odd collection of people for me. I not only saw people I hung out with in the day of the bands but I also saw ones that I knew and were not really people I expected to see there. Such as the guy on the board of directors for the Walnut festival. Or Scott zimmerman, my neighbor from when I was 9-16. I will label people. If I can find the old pictures from the bands, I will post them. Then there was also Sona and Rob Teed (darn it, no picture) and Brie and others. It was really very interesting. We definetly felt young in the bar. I was 18 or 19 when I had started to hang out in this scene. At the time, the guys in the bands all had long hair. Now it is short, shaved or completely different. I saw a lot of people that I recognized the faces but had to ask who people were. Apparently everyone was doing that. It is hard to put into words what we saw that night, it was an experience. Tami will add to this I am sure. I can also lead those of you interested to another place to see more. Here is one location to see more. Michael Larsen's myspace (


Another view of the tunnel insides

The chipmunks are so little and cute, see him?

Shawn and Shannon

Slate creek bridge built in 1910

Port wine bank remains.

Opening to tunnel

Inside of tunnel I guess, I was not there, this was the boys.

So we have had a busy month. First we spent 5 days in Minnesota. Of course I had a wedding the following wedding. It was the most local one I have had, right in Danville. Then after that it was get ready to go to the cabin. We met Shawn and Alison at the cabin. Shawn rode his motorcycle from Minnesota and Alison is actually from Woodland (on the way to the cabin) and we picked her up. By the way, Shawn is a friend of Shannon's from college and work in MN. We had fabulous weather up there. Shawn had a great time riding out to Ca. He was stopping in National forests, as many as he could and some other sites. I am eager to see his pictures as he does take great pictures. (a hobby of his I think) So while up at the cabin, we all went one day and did some exploring of old gold mine country and mines and such. La Porte was a mining town and actually there are some old mines and hydrolic mines. The guys were more adventurous than we were and went to explore some tunnels and stuff. We found an old ghost town area called Port wine and the cemetary and old bank. We have been before but could not find the bank and this time we found the remains of the bank.
The next day Alison and I spent the day at the cabin doing nothing and the guys went for a hike on the Pacific crest trail. Over at the cabin, we had a lots of little chipmunks running around. I put some food out for them and they were coming up on the deck, while we were sitting right there and eating it. I had flip flops on and they were coming way to close to me and my toes. (Which may resemble peanuts to them? I was afraid they would get me) The guys ended up doing a 10 mile hike that day and came back pretty tired. They seemed to have a great time though.
Friday was more a lazy day. We all drove to the dam, then around the resevoir. We had lunch in La Porte at Reilly's saloon and cafe. I had never ever been in the bar there and the food was pretty good. We headed home in the afternoon and stopped in Woodland to drop off Aliston but also had dinner with them.
Then Saturday morning Shannon left to go flying in Truckee, I mean early, left about 6 am. I had an appointment with clients that took all day. That evening was another uh adventure. Read the next post

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Pancho & Laura are getting Married

Pancho and laura are very excited to be engaged and plan on having the wedding sometime next year around September.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Anne's First Annual Last Ever Birthday Celebration

Tootsie the cat!

We headed to Minnesota on August 1/2. It was a red eye at midnight so we went to the airport on the first and arrived at 5:30 am on the 2nd. On the first I had a client to meet at 6:30 pm in San Jose and then race home to get packed so we could leave to SFO about 9 or so. This was also the same day the bridge in Minneapolis collapsed. So I got home from my meeting and tried to pack but had a few calls and such regarding the bridge and is everyone back there ok. Thankfully, everyone was ok.

So we took a red eye on the vampire plane, Sun Country. (The Minnesota people told me vampires fly it as they were only flying at night) Since they got us in that morning before the sun came up, it might be true. But I did see the pilots and they didn't look to vampire like. Anyway..... we spent the first part of our day sleeping. Well Shannon had a project to finish and send to work and we both slept maybe 5 hours. Then we had things to do to help to get ready for this party. We went to lunch and a few stores to get some things we needed. Hershey kisses and name tag holders and stuff. Spent the rest of the day doing some prep for the party and then went to dinner with Shannon's parents. It was a good relaxing day and the next day had a lot in store for us.

Friday Shannon and I drove to Owatanna to pick up the pig (cake). Isn't he cute??? He was so good too.

Around noon Shannon's Aunt Barb arrived with her dog Bandit. She drove from Washington state.

She and I had never met and we clicked really well. I got to meet a lot of Shannon's family on both sides for this trip. We all took a trip to Costco. Shannon's parents, Barb, Shannon and I, it was the adventure trip to Costco. It was fun. Once we got back to the house, people started to arrive. Friday evening we had Joan and Allen and their son Ron. (Anne's sister, huband and son) Alice and Carole. (Anne's high school friends she had not seen in years) Muriel and Steve are people from the hospital. Ellen and Ed, (Annes cousin who had the triple transplant) Peggy and Rod (Anne's other sister) Barb is Dan's sister. Jed and Yang also made an appearance. Shannon's cousin and wife and Shannon had not seen his cousin in about 15-20 years. We had such a fantastic group of people and everyone was nice and great personalities. Dan bbq'ed and by the end of that night, Anne was beat. I think everyone left around 9.

Saturday we had thunderstorms in the forecast. Our plan for the day was everyone meeting around noon at the house, doing light lunch (make your own sandwiches) and then going to St. Paul to the Paddleford boat and going on the boat on the Mississippi then returning to the house for a casual dinner and cake. It rained!!! It was a lot of fun. Anne loved it! The boat was Dan's idea so he gets points for that. This is just everyone getting lunch and then on the boat pics.

After the boat ride we all went back to the house. (Shannon and I drove by the Oscar Meyer weiner car) For dinner, we had a wonderful meal brought in so that made life easier. Then it was just visiting and eating and cake!! Long night but really great and Anne loved it. So I am really glad I was able to help in making it such a great day for her. Below is Anne and Chucks wife Rachel and the next one is Anne and her cousin Ellen that had the triple transplant. Above is Shannon's cousin Ron and Anne on the boat and the building off the river is some building I forget the information on.

Below is a picture of Shannon's Dad, Dan, cousin Jed, Aunt Barb, and Jeds wife Yang. Other pictures is Chuck and Rachel, Shannons Uncle and wife.

Sunday we had breakfast, then it was another adventure. Shannon's parents, Shannon, me, Joan, Chuck, Rachel and Barb all went to R.E.I and then Michaels. That was fun. Then Shannon and I packed up and met Allison and Shawn, SHannon's friends for dinner and went to the airport. The flight was a little delayed and we left around 11PM or so and got home to the house at 2!!! Yikes, I had to get up to be at work to do payroll at 7:30. It was a hard day!!

Monday, August 06, 2007


Everyone and their mother and their children and children's children should see this as it will never be again for any of us...........

27th Aug the Whole World is waiting for!Planet Mars will be the brightest in the night sky starting August.It will look as large as the full moon to the naked eye. This will cultivate on Aug. 27 when Mars comes within 34.65M miles of earth. Be sure to watch the sky on Aug. 27 12:30 am. It will look like the earth has 2 moons. The next time Mars may come this close is in 2287.Share this with your friends as NO ONE ALIVE TODAY will ever see it again.