Sunday, March 23, 2008

Spring is here!

Wow, I have not posted anything in nearly a month. Shows how exciting my life is. Lets see what I can tell you about. For pregnancy stuff you have to go to the little madsen site (there is a link on the right of this blog)
Well we are doing ok in out little world of wildlife. We had a skunk again but I think we got him out from under out place and got it blocked up. Have not smelled him so lets hope so. We did have lots of hummingbirds but they are gone to where ever they go. I put a different finch feeder out and it is not much success so I need to move it and replace/refill the sock. If nothing else it is amusing to watch the cat inside go crazy after them.
Our latest and newest addition has been ducks. The little creek you cross to get in to where we live has had 2 ducks and they hang around a little. Not all the time. I like to see them so I hope they continue for a while.
Flowers (and weeds ) are in bloom and the weather is nice so its nice to get outside more.
This morning (Easter) we had four deer outside to sit and watch. One was a baby and one had little antlers growing and not sure on the other 2. The one with the antlers starting was only using 3 legs and hurt its back leg. I could not watch long it made me have tears. Shannon and jasper watched them for a while. Could not take a picture either as my camera is in the car i think. Oh well.
Well it finally happened and shannon felt an earthquake. It was only 3.2 and really really quick. We had a swarm of them on Thursday were centered about 2 miles from here. So we were sitting here and one hit so he finally felt a very small and fast one.
That is about it for now. Whats up with you guys?