Friday, December 28, 2007

Jasper likes Christmas

We had a nice Christmas this year. Jasper loves it and thinks the christmas tree is for him. After we first brought it in, he just sits under it, sort of like he is protecting it. Here is our Big tree this year. Sorry I dont know how to make it rotate
On Christmas Eve day, we had this box delivered. So we got a present and got to open it. We were sort of afraid after seeing the damage of the box.

For Christmas Eve we went to my Aunt Carole and Uncle Toms house. It was them, My cousin James and his girlfriend Sarah, Mike and Cindy

and Shannon and I.
(So here is my current belly status) Oh and Billett.

It was a nice night and we had a nice dinner.

Christmas morning we got up and opened the gifts for Baby Madsen and stockings. Jasper was all over the idea of helping with this and being part of it.
You see his tail and head here and there.
Then we went to the Dewings and do Christmas morning there.

Here is the toy airplane Shannon and the baby got.
Tom got a frog.

Next it was back to our house to finish opening presents. Shannon put together my present that came in the box. His parents sent us the glider on our baby registry. Its great. This is our place after opening presents. We had fun and made a mess.
Shannon went outside (it was sunny) and he got to fly his flying dragonfly.

It was really nice Christmas. So tell us about yours.

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