Thursday, October 18, 2007

San Diego trip Angel's Wedding

We went downt to San Diego to attend Angel and Dave's wedding. We arrived Thursday night and stayed up North in Poway. As we checked into the hotel, the hotel clerk asked if we were here for the Air Show. Shannon's face lit up and we knew what we would do on Friday. There was an air show over at Mirmar air base. IT was a Friday so not that many people there. I had never been to an airshow so it was pretty neat. We could walk in some of the planes and watched the Thunderbirds preform and the Patriots who are based out of Byron where Shannon flies the glider. We only took a few pictures but they are neat to see.

Saturday we spent the day shopping and just wasting time. We woke up to rain and it had rained all night. I had brought a sundress to wear to the wedding and silly me did not bring a back up outfit so we went out to find one. I figured there must be a plan B for the wedding since it was outside. As you see, they tented the area and it worked out great.

I did not take a lot of pictures but I have one of the happy couple and one of Angels mom and myself.

I also attempted to take one of the cake cutting.

Sunday we had no idea what to do with ourselves. We took a drive North on 15 towards Temecula and San Diego Wine country. The landscaping in San Diego is dry shrubery, not the hills with grass like in Northern California. The drive was not to exciting, not too much to see. The highlight was the damn we saw near Fallbrook (forgot the name of it). IT was huge and very impressive. No pictures, we left the camera in the car. We went back towards the beach area to eat and relax and then caught our 7 pm flight. It was a nice weekend and very nice wedding.

I spoke to Angel after they returned from their honeymoon. (They went on a cruz to the Mexican Riviera, I think) She had mentioned that they were expecting a full house. Daves family lives up north in the area where the fires were approaching, I am not too sure were exactly. I do know they were planning to evacuate but I hope it worked out they did not have to.

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