Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pre Memorial day at the cabin

We went up to the cabin on Tuesday to open it and meet Shannon's parents. Opening went without a problem, thankfully. We didn't know if we would have any broken pipes. Dan and Anne, Shannon's parents, met us at the cabin later in the afternoon. We showed them around and relaxed a little and drove down to the lake and then to the dam. Weather was pretty nice. around 70 in the day and not sure on night maybe 40's. Wednesday we took a drive to go to Feather Falls. It was a beautiful drive but unfortunately we didn't read the brochure well enough and it was a 4 hour hike. Myself and Anne could not do that so we all enjoyed our lunch and walk around a little on the trail. THis is a view on the way and some pictures on the trail. Also a fire water fountain we saw. Thursday morning Dan and I got up at 6 and went fishing. Of course he caught a really nice size rainbow trout and I got nothing. Here is a picture of him getting the pole ready and then another of the lake and the tiny patch of snow.

Then Thursday afternoon we packed lunch again and went off to find the mining areas and hydrolic mining areas. This was on a dirt road but such a nice drive. We saw the mines, the old bridge and a very old cemetary. This is a picture of a mine shaft.

Thursday night Dan and I fished again. No luck at all, not even a nibble. Well I got some mosquito bites.
Friday morning we got back up at 6 and tried again. No luck at all. THen later, we took a drive down a very steep and windy road to Quincy. Its about 34 miles away. We had a nice time, had lunch in Quincy and followed the 7 wonders of Railroad. So shannon and his dad climbed down this hill off the highway to find this tunnel that is 7344 feet and then a train came so they watched it go in the tunnel. Anne and I stayed up on the road and watched. It seemed safer that way. YOu can see us up there, the little people in the picture looking up.
Friday night Amy, Mike and Chance and Mike's dad got up to the cabin about midnight. We all got up Saturday morning and did some fire clearance around the cabin and went to the picnic grounds to help with cleanup there.
Shannon and I left Saturday afternoon. IT was a wonderful visit and probably the busiest I have ever been up there since I was a kid. I slept so good the entire time I was there. I was so tired.

Friday, May 18, 2007

La Porte, A1c and stuff

Well I dont know that anyone other than Tami is reading this, since she is the only one that comments. Nothing new to really report.

I went and got my HA1c test done. Its a blood test they do every 3-4 months to figure out your average number for diabetes. Thankfully it has dropped from 6.7 to 6.3. I am glad because I would have been pisses if I had gone through all this with the insulin and it stayed the same or worse, gone up!! So that is my good news.

I am working on preparing for a trip up to the cabin next Tuesday. 4 or 5 days away from computer and cell phone. We have absolutely no service up there, just about an hour down the mountain we lose the service. Should be beautiful weather. The cabin is in La Porte and has been closed all winter so we will open it and Shannon's parents will be up with us. I am looking forward to going and maybe fishing, should be great weather for it.

Here it is as we closed it up. That is my mom's cousin who has a cabin on our road and then my cousin Amy and Mike, Shannon and myself. (for those who can not figure it out)

I am trying to find the battery charger for the camera so we don't run out of battery. I don't know how we lose things in this house like we do. I guess we need to do a bit more organizing. I am starting to see some of the seeds I planted recently sprout. It seems they sprout and then die. I am hoping that us being gone a few days and not getting them watered does not kill them. The deer came back a couple of days after it ate my rose, but Jasper told me. What a good kitty. The deer we see right now at the house are the males. Here is Jasper and the deer last year. This is right out our sliding door bedroom window.

The cat just watches and meows. Its early morning usually when they are around, well actually its dawn and dusk. We haven't seen them in the evening yet. OH and the wild turkeys are not back at all, just a one time incident. Kinda cool that Shannon could get a picture this close. This was during the day though also. They eat the fruit that the tree drops. I think it is a loquat tree or something. They eat nearly everything else out on the deck and stuff. I am going to booby trap the area so they will stay away (hopefully)
Ok thats it for now. Stay tuned for the pictures from our trip.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Cats, wildlife and more

So you know how as a kid, Mom let us lick the spoon when making cake or cookies or something? In this house we let the indoor cat lick the spoon from the can of cat food we feed the outdoor cat. I have never heard my darn cat cry like a baby like he does when we feed the outdoor cat his wet food!! (Jasper gets a special dry food so he doesn't get crystals)

So as for the life I live with wildlife.... Last night Jasper and Shannon both stopped and their ears perked up and then Shannon went into the hall.... finally he answered me telling me the racoons were in the wall or under the tub again. GGGGRRRRR I don't like the critters. So then you will see I have this beautiful red rose from my new rose bush this year and 1 bloomed. Isn't it nice??? So here is what I woke up to , deer, I want to get them and make them stay away. I am going to go buy fishing line and put it everywhere so they wont eat my roses. darn them!! (sorry dont knkow how to rotate the below picture

Saturday we Cinco de Mayo. I didn't do much of excitment but did get out for a while that evening. Jim and I went down to Luna Loca. (Shannon was flying) We had dinner and hung out a while. Jim's ex showed up, with her ex husband. (weird) I of course ran into people I knew from high school and grade school. I also met a friendly or drunk and friendly or just lonely gal. I was waiting in the bathroom line and she started talking to me, introduced herself and was just nice. Then a while later I ran into her again and she hugged me and said hi, asked my name again, introduced me to her husband and asked if I wanted to see a picture of her baby. It was a bit strange. Plus the child was about 3 or 4 not a baby at all. Anyway, the other thing about that was while waiting in the bathroom line, I was looking at all the pictures on the wall from years ago when luna loca used to do the full moon night. So it was funny to see pictures of myself and various friends and such from '92 and such. Lets see what else? Well I saw one gal, Sharon that I have known since elementary school. She was interesting to talk to, I dont know her so well. We told her about Jim's ex being there and she put on a little act so that was fun. Kristina was another we saw and I always seem to see her in Danville for these events. So we run into each other once a year sometimes more. Not much else of interest that night.

Sunday 5/6 we did the diabetes bike ride. I did 10 miles and Jim and Shannon did the 25 mile one. No way I could make that but I did make the 10 mile no problem. Here are a few pictures from our little adventure.
So I have to say, many many thanks to those that sonsored me!!
Other than that, its just job searching and such. I have a couple interviews lined up. I have some clients I am working with for weddings also so that is good.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Power tools!

Yep thats me and they really let me use power tools. Ther were in desperate need of people to help with everything to build the playground. I dont have much for pictures yet, Shannon has the digital somewhere. They will get added here soon. 5/10, here are some pictures. You see Walter in the tool shed and just the grounds as this is being constructed and the mosaic wall Tami worked on. I may go to the grand opening and get pictures of it completed