Sunday, December 31, 2006

Poor Dog!!

Being tortured for the amusement of mere humans. Life is difficult...

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

dogs in the office-

So this week has been a quiet week at work. It's a short week but it's going by soooo slow. Boss is off all week and 2 of our people in our department. (out of 13) Then there are just a ton of others out through out the office. We have each been doing our thing, what ever that may be, to make the day go by. Some work and some play. We are all getting sick of the See's candy that is in the office every day and other candy, pastries and whatever else that is made of sugar. Anyway, so here was today. I went in late, due to not being able to sleep last night. Figured I would turn the alarm off and just get up when I get up. My old boss Sheila brought in Spinach dip and veggies and bread (The spinach dip is great) and we are eating that at 8:15 in the morning. Then this other manager comes to me to ask me to show her how to do something and the difference between these 3 programs. She decides she is not prepared so asks me if she can come sit with me at 2:00. Thats fine. Then Rosanne goes to lunch. She always does stuff at lunch, she doesn't usually eat lunch. When she got back, she came in slamming things down and upset. Apparently she hit one of the pillars with her new car while parking. (Its easy to do, we have the narrowest parking spots in our garage) Her car is only about 2 or 3 months old, cherry fire red. So she is pissed and leaves again to go talk to the body shop. While she is gone, one of the ladies in my department that is off this week comes in. She comes over to Rosannes desk looking with her and she has her dog with her in the office. She gives the dog one of Rosannes stuffed animals and the dog carries it around. I am really not to sure how this would go over with any managers, having a dog in the office. I don't think I really like that idea. Though it may be because I don't care for this lady. (She and the other gal do things like have art and craft day and make paper snowflakes like kids make) GGGGrrrr dont get me started.
So then 2:00 finally rolls around, and 2:25 and 2:50. About 3:10 the manager finally shows up. She is such a dingy. First she comments on being late. Then she asks stupid questions and doesn't even know who uses these programs, what they do and why we use them. Our managers are like this in the office. My manager is rarely around and manages so other department apparently. (not her department) She doesn't know about half of what does go on, except what she sees, which isn't much.
After work, I came home. We have this little cottage that is on someone's property. It's really cute, located right in the middle of a neighborhood, but out in the middle of nowhere. We tend to have all sorts of wildlife around. We have had roof rats in the attic, skunks living under the house, owls in the trees, deer are around a lot, raccoons also live under the house and the normal other animals like squirrels. We also have a stray cat that is the property cat I guess. He is the sweetest cat, I should just switch him and jasper. Anyway, I saw the biggest raccoons today. They have been under the house, we hear them chattering. Sometimes they are annoying. They tend to eat the stray cats food. There were 3 of them and they were huge. Saw them waddling away from the cats bowl.
It seems the day was boring so I found some things that were more entertaining.
New Years coming up. We have about 8 people including us that will be at our house. I guess its my first mellow new years. I have done the pre new years resolution. Will be heading out to the gym in a little while.
Tomorrow is Friday, Yippeeee

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


So I had a nice 3 day weekend. Friday (most of the week actually) was slow at work. SHannon and I did some shopping and went to pizza for dinner after work.
Saturday was a lazy day for me. Shannon started building a remote control airplane. One that is more durable and can crash and wont break too easily. I don't think I left the house all day Saturday. :)
Sunday We left the house. Went to lunch and I can not tell you how excited I was to not be home. We also met Jodie and Mark and visited with them a while. Shannon finished his airplane and flew it. He was having a blast, even when it got stuck in the tree. He was like a kid with a new toy. Then he got it stuck higher in the neighbors other tree and decided it was not as fun anymore. The rest of the afternoon was not too exciting. We went to Tom and Caroles for Christmas eve dinner. James and Sarah, Tom and carole and us. Mellow crowd. It was nice though. On the way home we stopped at "candy cane lane". That is another small court with Christmas lights near our house. I will try to post a picture if I can figure it out. This guy put strings of lights and covered his roof and all sorts of things. People go a little crazy on this light thing.
Christmas Day was really nice. Shannon and I exchanged gifts and there were gifts from santa also. Even jasper got treats. (my mother always sends the cat something) We went to the Dewing's again, ate some breakfast there and everyone exchanged gifts. Nice little group. Tom and Carole, AMy and Mike, Sarah and james and us. Oh and Billet and the cats. We spent the rest of the day at home. I made a pot roast and it came out pretty good. Nothing exciting to tell about the holiday. Its over!!! Next comes New Years. Should be a small crowd then also.
(I need to figure out how to post pictures and stuff)

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Holy Lights!!!!

Well, now that the shopping is done and packages wrapped (except one) and now I realize I am not done shopping, still have to find a gift for Tom and Carole...........OK anyway, I am nearly at that point of being able to enjoy the holiday and such and start getting the New Years party together. I am determined to figure out how to do a balloon drop in the house, Shannon just laughed at me. He doesn't realize he is going to help me to do this. We have cute lights out on the house and it looks like a little gingerbread house (sort of) red and green lights around the house and candycanes on the ground. Tree is up and decorated inside. THis is the first time I have bought a silver noble (or what ever its called) Its also the smallest tree I probably have ever had. There are lights on our street all over, it looks nice and festive. I don't remember there being so many last year. The people down the street had inflatable christmas snowman or something last year. Actually, last year, at Halloween they had an inflatable ghost and then Thanksgiving they had an inflatable giant Turkey. Christmas was an inflatable Snowman or something. We were wondering if they might have a heart, bunny and leprechaun for other holiday. (They didn't, thankfully)
Tonight we went out and got dinner in San Ramon. On the way home I saw a part of a street with lots of lights, so I made Shannon turn around to go see them. We drove up the street and holy crap, holy lights. This entire neighborhood was lights everywhere. There were tons of houses lit up. They had inflatable globes and santas and snowmen, the grinch, bears, snoopy and you name it. The lights were all over, some were draped from one side of the cul de sac to the other, santa in an airplane and "where the wild things are" figures and more. Wow, this was more than I have ever seen and certainly puts our house to shame, our street for that matter. Some is over the top and over done, some looked really nice. I was wondering how the neighbors who didn't participate feel and how the others treated them.
Anyway, if you are nearby and want a place to see lights, this is it. There are lots of cars out in that neighborhood checking it out so don't do it on friday or saturday. Its worth the drive to see. Let me know if you want the information of where this is. Wow!!!!!
Happy holidays

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Holidays are approaching

Well here is my latest. I have basically finished the Christmas cards and sent them out. I think there are a few here and there left. I have just about finished the shopping also. Just my Dad and Aunt and Uncle left, crap, my grandmother also. The house is decorated and thats great. Now I need to work on the cleaning of it today. Still need to mail a few boxes. Its great that the post office will pick them up at home, helps avoid the joke of a line at the post office. I have been sick off and on this week. Called in sick to work twice. No voice and felt like crap Friday.
Last night was the night Shannon proposed last year. I think we both find it hard to believe it was only a year ago and now we are married. Still figuring out things we need to, like what goes where and combining address books and stuff. We are getting there.
We went out last night to sort of celebrate the proposal anniversary if you want to call it that. Went to cantina in Walnut Creek. Was surprisingly not busy. We had a horrible waitress, brought the wrong food and then did not do the bill right. We were supposed to go out, but I have been fighting being sick and being in the cold was not helping. I also got a headache and we just called it a night.
We have a busy week coming up. Dinner with my aunt and uncle and cousins, doctors appointments and stuff. Wow, next week is Christmas. Lots left to still do, well maybe not. If I can get away from the computer and do some things, that will help. So, off I go. Sorry not much to report thats exciting.
New years party it sounds like we have maybe 8 people. Could be interesting or fun. Hopefully. Still have to figure out the balloon drop idea. Maybe I am crazy.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

New Years Eve Party

So this is on my mind. I have sent out some invitations for a New Years Eve Party. Shannon doesn't want to do something with crowds (of course I love being out on New years) so I went ahead and suggested a new years party at our house. It seems most people have established traditional parties they go to or events or something, so I am hoping we have some people interested. I am hoping for 10 or so. I dont know what to plan for the party. I am thinking if it is a small group like that, we use the ice cream maker and make home made ice cream or sundaes or something. I figure the 80's trivial pursuit maybe? Of course I have food and booze planned. Maybe attempt to create a balloon drop. Not sure. I know I have some help from Tami so that will be good. So far thats all I have. I guess this is one I will have to continue.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Tour de Cure

I am riding in the Tour de Cure for diabetes in May. I forget now if I signed up for the 10 mile or 25 mile. 10 seems so little and will be quick but 25 seems like its a bit more. You can support me by going to the site and sponsor a rider (me) OH and the important part, I will probably have a bike this year. I have been riding at the gym and 4 miles goes by fast, about 23 minutes. Join me and ride anyone is interested. It seems like a good challenge.
I may try to also run and run the san ramon run in March. Maybe that is

Wow, its December

Ok so I havent kept up on this and I certainly do not know how to do this like Tami does. I like reading her blog.
So whats been going on with me?
Thanksgiving we spent in Minnesota. It was a rough flight to get there (took a red eye) ugh. Weather was a bit warmer than it was in San Ramon Ca. I like that. It was in the 50's so I never had to put on the warm layer underneath or anything. While there, we saw some of Shannon's friends. Went to dinner at one of their favorite places they all used to go, King and I thai food. These are college friends of Shannon's. He keeps in touch with a few. We went to a Russian Vodka bar after that. They had vodka "flight samplers". The samplers are 4 shots or tastes of different vodkas. Some are all from a certain country or maybe the bartenders recommendations. We all went over to Alison and SHawns house. (They have a cute golden retriever puppy, Apple, who is 10 months) Alison and Shawn have a great house. It was built in the 40's. It looks tiny from the outside but has 3 levels, I think. The bottom has a furnished and finished basement. Actually now that I think about it, the house has 3 or 4 bathrooms or more. Its a very different but great layout. Lots of potential. Ok.....the basement has a game room with a tv and fireplace and bathroom. The games are all computer games (remember shannon and friends are computer guys) So they were playing the guitar game, where you play the guitar by whats on the screen, kinda interesting.
Thursday was Turkey day. It was a nice day. Shannon's MOm is doing so much better. Last year, shannon and I made the Thanksgiving dinner. Anne was on oxygen and easily got tired so she was not up to it. We had fun with it. Well this year, she made the Turkey dinner. We (Shannon, Anne and I ) made some things on Wednesday in preperation for Thursday. We had a maple glazed turkey, mashed potatoes, corn casserole, cranberry, brussel sprouts (sort of), rolls, and not sure what else. There was pumpkin bars for dessert (like a pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting and pecan pie.
So Shannon woke up in the morning not feeling great. I felt bad as I was keeping an eye on him and not helping Anne with dinner as much as I wanted to. Fortunately, by dinner time 3 pm Shannon was starting to feel better and improve and joined us for dinner. It was SHannon and I, his brother Donn and Katrina (girlfriend) and CHuck and Dan and Anne. It was a nice dinner. The excitement was about the brussel sprouts. They were not cooked enough the first time so they were not edible. Then dan decided to put them in the oven and cook them longer. It still didn't help, so the joke was what to do with them. I think one suggestion Dan made was to drop them off the overpass, then when I liked that idea, he chickened out. We went and saw the James Bond movie that night. Shannon loved it, I didnt care for it.
Anyway, I even looked for Brussel sprout ornaments but the one i found was about $30 so decided against that.
Friday we didnt do a lot, shopped a little, went to the Minnesota shops and the University of Minnesota shop. We went to dinner with Shannon's parents. I wanted Olive Garden so we went there.
Saturday was a long day. We left at 8:30 and drove to Iowa to see and meet Shannon's Grandfather, its about 3-4 hour drive. This was a new State for me so that was nice. Not much to see as you drive, flat farm land. Cute traditional farm homes and stuff. We went to Shannon's grandfathers, Bob. We went to lunch in Cedar Falls and then to the mall. Tiny little town. Then we went to the cemetary also. Apparently where his grandmother is, which is also the place where his grandfather and grandmother had their first kiss. Cute. We drove back that evening.
Sunday we went through boxes and the closet that had stuff of Shannon's. Childhood stuff and a little older. We packed a box of stuff to ship to us. I am sure Shannon's mom liked that we made a little room in the closet. She said she has other things they have saved such as : legos, bassinet, and who knows what else. So apparently we are supposed to take this stuff. THat is fine, we just didnt get to it this time. Kinda nice to have things like that, especially if we do have kids.
Sunday night we went to dinner with Shannons friends, to Caspian, the persian place they like. First we went geocaching and it was fun. Dinner was good. We went to see Stranger than Fiction after that. I enjoyed that movie.
Monday was work day for shannon and we got a box ready for UPS to pick up and I shopped and we made dinner for Dan and Anne. We then went to the airport to go home. Nice thanksgiving trip away. No snow this year, oh well.

Other than that, I have been getting ready for the Christmas and new years holidays. Working on wedding picture stuff and getting to the scrapbook. Getting new years invitations created and sent out. Need to finish holiday shopping so I can send that stuff. Started working on xmas cards.
We went to the only holiday party I have been invited to. Kennys house in Discovery Bay. He had a 16foot silver noble tree. Beautiful tree, they went and cut down. Probably saved a fortune doing that. They are expensive.
The other news is I was able to use the "injectease" and give myself a shot, so it looks like the insulin thing will start to take place.
Now through the end of the year and into the next I guess: a few things going on. Going out to see Route 111, xmas and new years, having a new years party if anyone shows up. Crab feed Jan 13, not sure what else.
I am supposed to get working on the riding a bike since I am doing the tour de cure for diabetes in May.
OK enough for now I think