Monday, August 20, 2007

Reunion of Cry Wolf - A few will enjoy this

Michael/Kelly Larsen and Mike - remember he had red hair and is tall!

Kristin Steve Jenkins and Tami

Me, Michael Larsen, Sona and Michaels wife. (I recoginize her but just dont remember)

Brad Braden, Scott Zimmerman and Brian Braden (I think is his name) Old neighbors

Obviously me and for those of you that know him, that is Kelly Larsen Michael Larsen, it you all recall he switched names.

This is the singer from Cry Wolf

This is Sean McKeon, Brian Braden, Scott Zimmerman, John Link (drummer # 2 for Cry Wolf and drummer from Murder Bay) and Steve Jenkins.

So for those of you that have known me long enough or hung out with me in the late 80's early 90's, you will get a kick out of this. Saturday night was the reunion show of Cry Wolf. ( I still can not believe I went to this or how strange it was.
This may not be all that interesting to anyone unless they were in the scene or knew me or some of these people.
Tami went with me to this place called Vinnies in Concord. The place was full of musicians. It was an odd collection of people for me. I not only saw people I hung out with in the day of the bands but I also saw ones that I knew and were not really people I expected to see there. Such as the guy on the board of directors for the Walnut festival. Or Scott zimmerman, my neighbor from when I was 9-16. I will label people. If I can find the old pictures from the bands, I will post them. Then there was also Sona and Rob Teed (darn it, no picture) and Brie and others. It was really very interesting. We definetly felt young in the bar. I was 18 or 19 when I had started to hang out in this scene. At the time, the guys in the bands all had long hair. Now it is short, shaved or completely different. I saw a lot of people that I recognized the faces but had to ask who people were. Apparently everyone was doing that. It is hard to put into words what we saw that night, it was an experience. Tami will add to this I am sure. I can also lead those of you interested to another place to see more. Here is one location to see more. Michael Larsen's myspace (


phildeckard said...

Hey there Kristin! Thank you so much for coming out and showing your support! Honestly, we weren't sure if anyone would remember us, and we were quite pleasantly surprised ("shocked", really) at everyone's reaction. It was a very, very surreal night!

Well, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! :o)

~ Some guy named "Phil" that plays bass.

Kristin said...

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Lots of people have them. Hope you enjoyed the nnight also. It was fun. I have tons of old pictures and stuff. I did a lot of pictures and for NOcturne magazine. I still have an article or maybe more. I dont know that you guys actually knew me, maybe recognized me back in the day. Did not get a chance to talk to anyone but John Link. Knew him since I worked briefly with his wife and knew him more from Murder bay and knew they had the huge snakes at that house. Anyway, Sona is great also. I know her a little more. Recently reconnected with her. It was a lot of fun. Really glad you guys did this.
Kristin- short blonde you may or may not recognize