Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Sunday, February 14, 2010


I got a great birthday present. Well thats is the excuse we used to buy it. It is a VTECH Expandable Three Handset Cordless Phone with Cellulart Connection through Bluetooth! Love it. I used to miss cell calls in my house all the time, not any more!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Busy Month

Its been a busy start to 2010. Shannon has been in School for his MBA and started back Jan 16. It was fantastic to have him off and relaxed for his break. His program is 18 months long.
Jan 9th, we looked at a home to rent. Its 3 bedrooms, so 1 more room than we had and its about 8 minutes from where we lived before. They gave us the ok, we got it if we want it on Jan 12 and we gave our 30 days notice. Jan 29th we got the keys and started moving the 30th. Shannon was in class so I started moving some things the 30th. I started packing Jan 13th and Jasper helped.
Wow, busy busy, especially with Katie being as on the move as she is. Jan 31st, Shannon moved most the big stuff and we stayed in the house that night. Shannon moved most everything himself. Mike Cousineau helped move a few heavy things, I could not help with.
(Some of them are still in garage, as I still can not help move them inside)
My 40th birthday was Feb 1, it was not too exciting but Shannon got me cake and we went to dinner. We all 3 had a cold so we were beat with everything going on.

We are now officially out of San Ramon,today, Jan 12 and carpet to be cleaned monday and return the keys. I have no idea where we got so much stuff. We have a full 2 car garage with stuff I have not unpacked. I got a desk in the office on Tuesday or Wednesday this week (feb 9 or 10)however this is what I had before that.
Katie has her own room and own play area, both are just about set up as they will be.
We still have lots to move in or move around, so lots to do. Shannon is so busy with his work and classes, so I just do what I can to get things put away and straightened out. I will post pictures of the place empty but it will make more sense when you see pictures of it furnished.
Kitchen, long and narrow, view from both sides. It has a nice counter/stove/sink.

This is the cabinet under the oven.
We have a fireplace, yippeeee! Here is that area, furnished part way.
Our bedroom has green wall and dark green drapery, but its fine. It does not have a sliding door or anything as it looks to the front yard. It does have the master bathroom right there. I will remember to try not to buy a place with an open room to an open master bath, it is nice to have a wall or something.

This picture is taken from the green wall looking at the bathroom.
It should all make more sense to see pictures of it all furnished.
Oh and here is our orange tree in the front yard.