Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Something Janene sent so I will see who does it

Go to your favorite search engine (mine is google).
Type in your first name, then type "needs" next to it (EX: Janene needs) then hit search.
The FIRST thing that comes up - copy it and paste it and send it on! I'll do it for my whole family. It just turned out SO FUNNY!

Janene needs to know which MATPRA members will be staying overnight (okay... I have NO idea WHO the "MATPRA" group IS!) - my second one was so funny I thought I would add that as well

Janene is four now and she nursed until just after her 4th birthday (ewww....don't THINK so!)

Scott needs NUDE MODELS (OHhh......this is SO typical! Could that fit any better!!??!?)

Isabella NEEDS Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (what IS that???? And can we afford it?? Heee heee)
Izzy needs a dog (not until Hell freezes over!!! Nice try!)

Xander needs a good wash (WHEW! I'm glad I gave him a bath tonight!!!! TOO FUNNY!)

So.....try this with your name - or your whole family and be sure to send it on and remember to send it to the person who sent this to you (so we can see too!) Have fun!

So I did it on Google also and here is the results

1- came up as Kristen so I didnt count that (says Kristen needs to wash her socks)

2- 5.10 Introduction to Repetition
So far, in all of our examples, when we ask a robot to move from one point to another, we have known exactly how far it would move. There are many situations, however, in which this is not true. Suppose, for example, that a robot named Kristin is standing at the origin facing east, and suppose that there is a beeper somewhere along 1st Street. We want Kristin to go to the beeper and pick it up and return to the origin.

3- Kristin Cavallari Needs To Sex It Up

Shannon (of course refers to a female in this)

1- Shannon Elizabeth Needs To Get Naked In Film Real Soon · Shannon Elizabeth Poker

2- Will Good happen In Life Shannon needs help Please Donate financial invest future children love cash charity humanity depression suicide give gives giving ...


Well, finally after 6 years and 10 months, today was my last day at Fireman's fund Insurance. Yes it is true I found something new to try. Hopefully it works out. It was strange to leave people I have worked with for nearly 7 years but I am very excited about a new opportunity. I did make a few friends that I will keep in touch with and do things outside the company. I also will just keep in touch with some people. I even have given them this address to check out for the heck of it. (maybe I will actually get some comments!!!)

I start on Feb 5 at I-hire. ( this is a company that does Human Resources outsourcing. I will work for I-Hire but in another company. I am very excited about this opportunity. Usually to get into Human Resources you need a masters in Human Resources. It is a smaller company but I think that will be good for me. When the new job and old job were compared, they balanced out almost. That just told me to take the risk and go for a great new opportunity.

Now I have 4 days off until I start this new job. I will have keep up to date on how it goes. Yay for me.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Full Moon?

So over the last week there has been a few things going on. I finally was offered a job and its a great opportunity so I am able to take it . Yay and I get to leave my job of 6 years and 9 months, which I have not been happy with for about 6 years. I am excited and anxious and not to sure about leaving and starting fresh but it will be a good thing. I start on Monday Feb 5th so for the first time in years and years I will be off on my birthday. My last day at Fireman's Fund is Jan 31. Thats exciting news to me.
Talked to my brother in Nashville for the first time in a month or so. Neither of us had much exciting news. I told him about the racoons and other stuff. Asked whats up with him. I guess Maleah is behaving in school now. She has not been picking fights with 8 year old boys (she is 5) or fights in the bathroom at school anymore. Well recently, you never know what she will do next. She did get poked in the eye by a boy and had to go to the doctor on it or emergency room or something but it was just scratched. She is going to be playing soccer and it starts soon. That will be good for her, she has a lot of energy.
Bobby's exciting news was about where he lives now, which is out in the woods I guess. That's what he and my dad said. So apparently his girlfriend Jade was outside the other night and they had like a pit fire going out there or something and a helicopter was shining its spotlight on her. They thought this was weird. So today I see this on I asked him about it and this was it. Weird.
So here is another weird thing. Many of you know how independent I am and that I have been working jobs forever. I started working as lots of kids, babysitting. At 11 years old, I started babysitting in the neighborhood. I made a lot of money doing this and people booked me a year in advance for new years. Anyway, today I pulled up the local news online on and find this. This was just so strange and gave me chills. The Lemke family lived down the street from me, next to my friend Lisa. I babysit these kids when the youngest one, Jonathan, was probably just a young baby or around 1. My brother went to school with the older kid Jerehmiah. There were 3 or 4 boys in the family total. So that was just creepy and weird.
Hmmmm what else? I spoke to someone that has a cabin on our road and found out, of all things, he has a webcam in the second story window and you can see how much snow there is and stuff. Yep, something else that was exciting to me. I thought it was pretty neat to see, since the cabin is not really winterized. Once there is enough snow, they close the road at town and you have to have a snow mobile to go further. Apparently we have not had that snow this year, yet. He said he was there New Years and if you look on the webcam, you see the path he made to get into his cabin. There has been no snow since before new years so right now you can still drive to our road or probably nearly to the damn. This is something I have wanted to do for years, go up to at least the town (La Porte) and see the snow. Maybe since there hasn't been snow, we will do it in the next few weeks.
I know there have been a few other weird things going on. I guess I think of them when driving but forget by the time I get home.
Looking at the calender, there is another week before the full moon so not sure whats up.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


So, I am curious. Does anyone read this, besides tami? Seems she is the only one that puts comments in. I know its boring and all and hers is entertaining but just wondering

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Racoons and wildlife

I want to shoot the racoons. Anyone who has been at our little cottage knows that we are in a little area with wildlife. The racoons have driven me crazy off and on over the year and a half I have been there. Last summer they opened 20 cans out of 24 cans of cat food and littered the front part of the house with the cans and lids. To top that off, they only ate 4 or 5 of the cans and left the rest so now i have to throw them away anyway. They are just a pain. Fortunately they don't dump the garbage cans. (yet) We have chased them with a bat and all sorts of stuff. They freaked me out once when one reached out under the deck at me when I was walking outside on the deck. Sometimes we hear them chattering under the house or they bump something and we hear it. All this, fine, I will deal with it. The deer eat everything also. So far no skunks under the house this winter. Fortunately I only have seen a bat one time and never again. Its nice to hear the owls. The outdoor cat that is the property stray just watches the animals walk by. Shannon came home the other night and a racoon was eating the cats food and the cat was sitting at the end of the porch watching it.
The latest problem with the racoons has made me crazy. They are apparently climbing up the wall between the bathtub and hall. I hear them scratching, loud. They have huge nails!!! The other morning when I heard them, Shannon climbed up in the attic crawl space and apparently there is a hole. Hopefully a hole to small for these huge obese racoons to fit through. He looked down the hole and there is a racoon looking up at him in the wall. THey are tearing up the insulation in the wall and sort of building a nest or racoon city under our house or in our wall. Then I start having more weird dreams. They just freak me out, I can not explain why. I am ready to get a gun though. GGGRRRRRRR whats next?

Kristin learns to shot herself

So in November I was given the opportunity to switch to a different insulin. The problem has been that I have not been able to give myself the injections, Shannon has had to do it. I have been really dependent on him due to this. I have cancelled dinners, rearranged appointments and been late to work. It still makes me cringed to think about the injections, seriously, even as I type this. You would laugh if you saw how tiny these needles are. Either way, I have not been able to do it myself. At this appointment, the doctor gave me some syringes, a vial (with saline in it) and a injectease contraption to practice. This hides the needle. Its sort of like the thing I use to check my blood sugar on my finger and I know a lot of you have seen that. So this is all kind of amusing. The first thing I have to be able to do is stick the syringe needle into the vial. I would get so close and could not do it. So I practiced and finally was able to do that. Next I tried the next step, sticking the needle in something. I had a little squishy stress ball to practice sticking it into.
I told a family friend that is a nurse, just how much trouble I am having with this. She says she will show me how to do it. I would not say its showing me how to do it, its getting over my fear of it or something. Anyway, I met up with my family friend, Robyn. So I meet Robyn at her house after work one day. I took everything I had to her. We sat there for nearly 3 hours. This is sort of hard to type out but it was a bit traumatic for me and funny also. She was seeing how hard it was for me to comfortably just pick up the needle and stick it in the vial. We started with that and she gave me some pointers on that. There were little steps to get me to the point of using the injectease. Eventually she had me holding the needle to her with the injectease and sticking her with it. Keep in mind, she was pushing my hand because I could not do this. It was funny too, now that I think about it. She was swearing at me and telling me she would never talk to me again if I didnt stick her and things. So eventually I was being "forced" to hold it against me and inject it in me. 3 hours later, I had been able to do this. (Yay, I was hungry and wanted to go home and eat.)
I got to call Meaghan and tell her I could do this, finally. So my next appointment, she gave me the insulin to start using. Now I am doing the injections myself, unfortunately I am eating more and probably gaining more weight too. The only problem now is the little bruises I get. I will find out more on my next appointment, this friday.
By the way, the starting on insulin is not due to diabetes being worse. It is to have better control of my diabetes and blood sugar mainly

Mid January

Ok I have been bad, but I haven't done much to really report. Plus everytime I go to write something, it seems so dull. Tami is the only one that reads it and she is the only one I have done anything with basically, so its not like she misses anything. So here is the update.

New Years was too mellow and boring for me. In the future, I will not do a party at my house and I will go out somewhere, where there are people, at least more that 5 that is. We spent New years at my house and it was Shannon, Tami, jodie and her friend and myself. Played board games, ate food and watched Dick Clark. Just a bit mellow for me. Oh well, we live and learn.

The 6th, Tami and I went to the Titanic exhibition. It was pretty good to go see. See tami's blog, she kept my "boarding pass" and explained more about it.

This 3 day weekend we just had was nice. Saturday evening was the Walnut Festival's 2nd crab feed. Of course they pull it together last minute regarding a lot of it, but it all works out. We had a good group of friends and co-workers. Tami, Jim, Bronwyn, Liz and Chas, Shannon, Cathi from work and her boyfriend. It was nice to get people together. After, we walked over to Dan's. I was so happy to be out. I will somehow start doing more of this, just to get social and see people. Sunday I went with Tami and Liz and we went to Menlo Park to Stanford mall. It was a nice outdoor mall. I have never seen so many dogs in a mall and in the stores. We were not real successful in the shopping part of our trip. I think Liz bought something. We headed over to down town menlo park to The Cheesecake factory for dinner. This being a sunday night, we didnt expect it to be busy. Liz called and they said 10-15 minute wait. Once we got there it was 15-30 minute wait. It was something different to go do. Dinner was good, large portions. We shared a white chocolate rasberry cheesecake slice at the end. I think we probably could have shared 1/2 of it, as we were full. Menlo park down town is real cute. The trees have the white lights on them at night. We were not sure if this is left from the holidays or how it always is. They should keep them up all the time, it adds character to the area.
Monday was not too exciting either. I went and met Shannon for lunch since he had to work. That was a nice change. Then I returned things and went shopping, got my car smogged and nails done while car was being done. It was a nice relaxing day.

So the update on me and the insulin with me. I am sure people do not know much about his and I do not know how to explain it well, so if you want more explanation, ask me or google it. I was changed from a insulin pen which had a 70/30 mix and these tiny needles (3/16 of an inch needle) to a different insulin. With the pen, I was not able to do the injections myself due to a fear of the needles and seeing it. I can't watch them give shots on tv or my flu shot get done or the needle go in for blood work I get done every 4 months. I was dependent on Shannon for this. I had to make sure he got up in the morning so I could get the injection and go to work. I was so dependent, which was making me crazy, that I cancelled dinner with my cousin's because I could not give myself the injection and had to do it before eating dinner. The other thing about that is I am supposed to eat 45 carbohydrates and breakfast and dinner and 30 at lunch. This is not easy to do. Everything we eat is carbohydrates: breads, fruits, veggies and lots of things. It was making me crazy. This 70/30 mix insulin was temporary to get me started on insulin. I had some horrible low blood sugars from it. One that was bad was from the gym. I had left the gym dizzy and sort of disoriented and checked to see what my blood sugar was, 42. That's low. The other side effect of the insulin is nightmares. They are not like a normal nightmare but worse. Its hard to explain how real they seem and how they feel. Apparently this happens when you have a low blood sugar, maybe to wake you up or something? Very annoying.
So a month ago, I changed to a different types of insulin. One is a long lasting insulin called Lantus and it is 1 injection a day and last 24 hours. The other is novolog and I do that when I eat and adjust it to the amount of carbohydrates I am eating. Its still a pain but it gives me a lot more freedom. I am not limited to the 45 carbs now at meals, as I just adjust to what I eat. OK so this is a lot to explain if I keep explaining it.
Have other things to update so will do it separately

Monday, January 01, 2007


Hope this new year is a wonderful year for everyone.
Happy New Year!!! SHare with me what you did or pictures or something