Monday, January 21, 2008

Things going on

Well we are into the new year. I have not done much to report that is exciting. We went to the Walnut Festival Crab Feed. It was fun to do. We saw some people we had not seen for a while and then some we had not seen in a week. It was fun. I have been keeping busy a little on the weekends meeting with clients I have for April and for August. This past weekend was busy, Saturday especially. I had a client meet me at 10 here. Then I left at noon to drive to Tracy for a baby shower for a childhood friend.
She is due March 1. It was good to see her and her mom and some people at the shower and it was fun.
Then I drove back from Tracy so Shannon and I could get back in the car and head to Concord for his glider club Banquet. That was fun too. Shannon did great this last year and had many #1 slots including Pilot of the Year in his category. Yay, go Shannon.
It seemed there were just 2 people in a lot of #1 slots, Shannon and another guy, Ramy. I told Shannon to beat him this year. However, with a baby on the way, it may have put a damper on some of Shannon's flying and priorities this year. I am sure he will get out and fly though.
Upcoming things we have going on? mmmm My birthday. Nothing exciting on my calendar, I just checked.
Anyway, all these pictures are from Saturday. Do I look 23 weeks pregnant?

Monday, January 07, 2008


Happy New Year to everyone. Please share in the comments, what you did New Years or for the holidays or anything interesting or not interesting or just leave a comment.
This year I was determined not to stay home again new years. So Jim, Shannon, Tami and I all went out. We stayed out this way to keeps costs down. We ended up at Skipolini's in Walnut Creek for pizza dinner. It was good. I think I was the only one that had been there. We were just attempting to not pay $20 or more a person for dinner, so kept it casual and such. Worked out well, everyone seemed to enjoy it. Next we went to Dan's. We got there early and got a table to sit at. The band, I had not seen before, was doing sound check and was awful and way too loud. Then when they started it got worse. We left and went over to Meenars in Danville. The private partiers were there. It was better and we had a good time. The drunk people got annoying so Shannon and I left just after midnight. Jim showed up at our place after he left and crashed at our place. It was not a super eventful night. Tami has the only pictures and she has one posted on her blog.
Other than that, my brother got engaged on New Years. He is pretty happy on that. Its now the 7th.
All evidence of Christmas is gone. I took the tree down and decorations. I had a break in rain to get to the storage bins so I did it. I have a new wedding to do in Feb. Should be easy and good an gives me something to do. I do have a few little things coming up here and there to occupy time. The gym or excercise is on my list. I guess one of the exciting things would be that I finally made a decision on a new cell phone and got one. I had to get one with speakerphone since the new handsfree law is approaching. So good bye to my little alien I liked on my phone. This one has nothing special I know of yet.
We are at 21 weeks of pregnancy now. Check out the little madsen website. I got all excited and sad when I was in Target as the bedding I picked out is going on clearance. So I will have to find out if mom is buying it or what or just buy it ourselves. Good thing is it is cheaper and it does not show the clearance prices online on the registry. OH well.
Thats about it for now.
Tell us about your holidays!!