Friday, September 14, 2007

Labor Day Weekend 2007

Labor day weekend this year was fun. My mom's cousin Nancy and her husband Brian, Shannon and I and Mike and then Jim and his dad and dad's girlfriend, we all went to the Highland game in Pleasanton. I apparently was the only one who had been. We had fun and fortunately it was not tooo hot as it had been during the week. It was great to see the grand finale with over 800 pipers out there to preform together. That is my favorite part. We also watched the sheep dog trials which was intersting and saw the highland cows. OH thats right, Shannon's favorite part might have been the Birds of prey exhibit. That was pretty cool to see the huge birds and tiny little owl. I enjoyed watching the caber toss and we did not watch some of the other heavy weight events but I usually enjoy seeing them.
That night we met up with Jodie, Mark and Cooper for a casual dinner.
Sunday I had a wedding in the city. (Yes the bay bridge was closed labor day weekend. The traffic was easier then a normal Saturday all year) The wedding was at a hotel I had not been to before, The Clift hotel. It was a really different and beautiful location. I do not have a picture from this but thinking I may need to start an Events by Kristin blog. Seems people like to see and read about their own wedding and such.
Monday we went to the Lindsay Wildlife Museum in Walnut Creek. Actually, we went and did several things. We went to the PLayground I had helped with back in April. I had not seen it done yet. We then went to the Museum. I had not been in at least 15 years and it is in a new building now. It was neat to see the Mountain Lion and the birds. The Bald Eagle was cooling off in his pool as you can see.

The next part of the day drove around. We went to see the house I lived in from when I was 1 until I was 9. It looks so different than I remember.

After that, we somehow ended up just driving around looking at houses for Sale. We did
that until about 7 or so that night. We saw some great neighborhoods and crazy priced areas also. I guess it was not a very exciting weekend but we had a lot of fun.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Anniversary Weekend

We celebrated our Anniversary weekend by going up to Mendocino/Fort Bragg. We stopped at a few places on the drive up. One place was the Redwood forest. (Had I written this sooner, I would remember the name) So here is a picture from there. It was so beautiful and significant since we were married in a redwood grove. We saw a small deer family but they ran too quick to get a picture.

These pictures were all taken from out room or a walk down the path from our room. The place was a great location. We did have a hot tub in the room. Neat idea but I don't recommend it. It did not get over 97 degrees so was just barely like a warm bath. Then at about 5 am it starts running again, every 10 minutes it runs. UGh.

We had a nice dinner in Fort Bragg. Actually our room was in Fort Bragg also. We went to the handmade ice cream place after and then went to the beach and drove around.

Sunday was fun. Shannon actually got to look at the beautiful setting because we went on the skunk train. It was fun and excellent weather for this.

These are all pictures from the Skunk train. We had lunch and headed home. We missed the Botanical garden that was on our list so we will have to go back. We had a wonderful weekend!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Have you known me since 1984?

If you knew me in 1984-1987 maybe. You know I babysat for the lady next door, Robyn. They had a huge old english sheepdog and then in 1984 Lauren was born. I babysat her a lot. Took her everywhere and to Baskin Robbins. I think Robyn probably practically paid for my first car since I earned money from then. Well here is some pictures and Robyn is on the end, then Lauren (now 22) and me and our neighbor Lynn Caldwell. Just sharing the picture of people I knew then.