Thursday, May 06, 2010

May 2010

No idea who all actually is looking at this if anyone. Here are some things going on that are non- Katie related. Our garden looks great. Here is a picture when we first planted it around March 30th. There are 2 planter boxes and the darn weeds keep coming up and I keep pulling them, but I am still proud of my little garden. This is April 25, a month later and then May 5th. We have had a good amount of rain so its been watered fairly well. Too bad when I planted it, I had not realized the tree shading a portion of one of the boxes. (It had no leaves yet) My roses are doing the best they have in years! Anyway, here is the video also of the yard. So lately we have been busy. We went to Minnesota and Iowa and Shannon has been traveling for work. We celebrated Katie's 2nd birthday and my Dad came to visit for 2 weeks. Its been busy! If you want to see pictures of things, let me know. I am going to work on Katie's blog now. I had a great time with Katie's birthday and the decorations and cakes and everything. It came together so well and perfect weather. I would say my cake skills are 200% better than trying to make a sign.