Thursday, October 18, 2007

For Tami

So this is the new tie my mother in law gave to Jasper and he just did not really care. We put it on and he went about his normal like he did not notice.

Then this one is for Tami, we put the orange hair on jasper. He did not go with this much. Wanted it off. Could not get a good picture of him.

This is Jaspers new Krinkle Cave and he loves it, he sits in and and barely fits. He likes the crinkle noise is makes as he moves.


Tami said...

He kind of looks like a demented little cabbage-patch doll in that wig. Too funny. And tortured. The tie is cute though.

Doc Anne said...

Nice tie. Makes him very dignified. Not sure about that crinkle cave thoug, sort of defeats the image..but then we all have our hidden hobbies. I will try to think of other things to torture your cat.
Gramma Annie