Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

For Thanksgiving this year, Shannon and I went to Copperas Cove Texas. (My Aunt and Uncle, cousin and her son and my Grandmother live there) In case you want to know where that is, its next to Killeen about 1.5 hours from Austin. We flew in to Austin. The flights were fine. On the way, we stopped in Vegas for about an hour. So rather than put money in the slots, we ate food. There was a lot of children on this flight. The little boy in front of us was a character, probably about 3 years old. Right after the fasten seat belt sign when on as we are approaching landing, he says "Mom, I have to pee". It was so funny how he said it and then the carry on that came next. He kept telling Mom, no I wont hold it and stuff. The flight attendant said he could not get up and go to the rest room, had to wait. It was amusing. However then after he started with it, I had to go too. I told him I would race him to the bathroom at the airport. The next flight was not too exciting. We arrived at the Austin airport and met my dad at baggage claim.(Dad flew in from Nashville for Thanksgiving also) We waited for luggage. For the first time in my life, the airline lost my luggage. I have never ever lost luggage before. So we waited and went through that little carry on so when they find it they will bring it to us. (Not sure they realize how far Copperas Cove is) Anyway, after that, we got the rental car and off towards Copperas Cove we went. Took forever it seemed like to drive, since by the time we stopped and ate and arrived at my Aunts, it was 9pm. (Flight landed about 5:40)
So the next day, since grandma was not feeling that great, we hung around my Aunts. Shannon tried to do work. I just got to visit with everyone which was fine with me. We eventually went by grandma's and she was feeling much better so she came back with us to my Aunts to visit. Bob (my uncle) made a fabulous dinner that night. Wednesday, Shannon and I decided to go explore Austin. Unfortunately it was about 12:30 before we left the house. We also went through Killeen and then I-35 which was the long way or more traffic way or something. By the time we actually were anywher in Austin, it was 4:15. We did not do much as it was day before Thanksgiving and things were closing at 5. We went to the state capital, wandered around there and I chased squirels. We drove around more in Austin and then eventually had dinner. We got back to Copperas Cove by around 9. These last couple days in Texas it has been 80 in the day and 60 at night, however it is getting chilly for the cold front coming through.

Thanksgiving day was CHHILLY! I never even bothered going outside. Hung around, sort of helped with my aunt, sort of visit with my dad and the others, watched a little Football and such. It was a nice day, nothing significant or out of the ordinary to report. My friend Jay from one of the bands sent me a text. His wife had given birth on Wednesday to a baby boy and the message said that he came out to "Back in BLack" by AC/DC on the ipod. That was just classic to hear. We did have a nice turkey dinner and visiting with my grandmother and family.
Friday we headed home early. Left Copperas Cove around 7 am to head to Austin for a flight. Got back to California around 3 and came home to see the cat!
Hope everyone had a Wonderful Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Here is the latest news

We have exciting news that I have been wanting to tell everyone for weeks! Today we are letting you know that there will be a little Kristin or Shannon running around as of May 2008. Yes I am pregnant and we are excited. The due date for the baby is May 21, 2008. We are not planning on finding out if it is a boy or girl. Since so many family and friends are spread out everywhere, I have set up a website to check in and see pictures, information, progress and anything else. Please sign the guest book and pass on the comments and such so we know that people have seen out announcement.