Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Holidays, end of year and not much to report

Wow the holidays came on fast. I have never been so late in doing my shopping. I am still not done and its Dec 18th. I am usually done by Thanksgiving. We do have a tree but I did not do my normal decorating. I started so late, I could not see going through all the work and taking in down in two weeks. I really miss having the family traditions of going to relatives houses or just visiting with people.
Other things going on:
Pregnancy is going fine and you can click on the little madsen link to go to the baby website.
Still not working and it is harder to look and find something at this time of year. Maybe after the holidays I will get that busy time where I book up clients. I have July and September through the rest of the year very open. I of course have January through March also available. Thats normal though to be slow at that time.
Not sure that there is much else to report. The outdoor cat left a yucky dead and partly eaten rat on the front door step. YUCK!!! Shannon will clean it up.
Last week Shannon had a business trip to San Diego and I went with him. That was fun. Saw Angel and Nina. IT was nice to visit, have a change of scenery and it was a fast trip. Nice weather the first day though.
Oh and I almost forgot, I finally finished my Europe trip album. Next I can start on 2006 album. I have discovered the scrapbooking thing is a bit more time consuming than I care to do.
Not much else. Christmas is coming up. Will probably go to my Aunt and Uncles christmas morning, maybe for Christmas eve also. That is about it for the plans for Christmas. New years we will venture out, probably locally. NOt up to big plans or expensive things this year. Not working is making me no spend money.
So what are your HOliday plans?

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Tami said...

Merry Christmas!

Keep me updated on the New Year's plans...I'm with you this year - budget celebrations.

Oh, and now my stepsister is engaged (it's about time - they've been together about 3 years). They got engaged at my mother's Christmas party last weekend (Friday, I think), and it sounds like the wedding will be in 2009. They're still thinking about that though.