Friday, March 30, 2007

This Week- Jodie, J's, and whatever

So I have all the time in the world but I have not found the time to update this. Guess I have to be in the mood to do it.

Where to start.... Looking for a job and also working on the events and wedding business. Any referrals to anyone is greatly appreciated, weddings, corporate or whatever. For that matter job leads are good also. I have been using and it is a pretty cool networking website and also helps with the job serch since there are jobs posted there. I have been trying to get people I know to link into mine profile. Have had some leads here and there for jobs and events/weddings so hopefully something works out. In the mean time, filed for unemployment and I have a wedding a month through October. Hoping I end up with more than that.
Here is the picture as requested by Tami. Doesn't have the same affect at all, I held it wrong. Oh well.......

Saturday night, I went with Jim to Dan's to see the smoking J's, yes they actually played together. I found out Jay is no longer with Notorious so that explains all the show booked coming up. We had a good time, well at least I did.

Ok, next would be Jodie. While went to visit her in the hospital I thought it was funny that she complained a little about the bruise on her arm for the blood work or IV. So I thought I would show this bruise. It was actually bigger and darker since this is at about a week old. This is from the injectease I keep using since I have this needle phobia. So there, I win. Ok so what else? Besides the fact that I am sure yu are thrilled to see my belly and bruises. The latest with the insulin pump is that I have it and it is attached as you see here this is how it gets attached. I am using with saline right now until I get used to it and how to use it. Monday I will start the insulin. It doesn't hurt and it is pretty simple to use. I just have to figure out what amount of insulin will work. The diabetes educator works with me on that thankfully. This is a good time to do it also since I am not working and stuff.

Now as for Jodie and cooper. Things are going ok. She posted pictures and stuff in her blog. I dont know how to attach the blog address becaus I tried earlier and it didn't work.
Here is a tiny picture. I can email you a link with other pictures, just ask.

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