Saturday, March 17, 2007

New update on Jodie & Cooper

So Jodie seemed to or Cooper maybe, one of them decided on St. Patricks day to be Coopers birthday. Cooper was born at 12:36 Am on March 17. He is 19 1/2 inches long and unknown weight right now. They had to stabilize him and hook him to machines and such so they didn't have a weight yet. Apparently he is doing ok right now and they will be monitoring him. His body will have to adjust to his new environment and then the doctors can see how he is doing. Jodie was sent home Thursday after being in labor 2 days. Friday she was to come back and start again. I don't have the full story yet. All I know is her water did break Friday and she started having contractions on her own. So maybe Cooper was starting to think he was getting ready. Anyway, they did do a c-section. I will go tomorrow and see her and have more information and a picture then.
** Update on 3/18****
I talked to Jodie today. She was not up for visitors. She seemed to be doing ok and I think she has family there with her. I got some more information. So she was sent home on Thursday to rest and gain some strength back so she could be induced again Friday. Thursday she did however have contractions naturally. So Friday when she went in she was having contractions but they did give her something to help the process along, so some sort of inducing pill. Her water did break also on Friday. Later in the evening she was still only dilated to 6 or 7, she wasn't sure. Apparently Coopers heart rate started to drop so as they watched that, they did decide to do an "emergency c-section". She seems to be doing ok, but also on painkillers. As for Cooper, she said "all thing considered with things wrong, he is doing ok". He did not need to be on the big ventilator machine after all. (This is why she delivered at UCSF was because they had this large machine that her Kaiser did not) So that is a good sign for him. I guess now its just watching each day to see how the progress is with him.
I asked if there are any pictures she can get Mark to send out or something. I will contact her tomorrow and maybe go see her tomorrow or Tuesday. I asked about coming out and she was not up for that. I even asked if she needs something to eat and she said the hospital food is not all that bad. (She is drugged up so maybe that is influencing her hehehe)
I will send out a picture when I can. Oh and we was around 6 1/2 lbs. They didn't weight him due to that is another thing that will agitate him and doctors were avoiding that.


Tami said...

Yay! Welcome to the world little Cooper!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm looking for an update and some pics asap. Congrats Jodie and Dad.