Friday, March 09, 2007

Ice cream, cat teeth, people teeth and whatever

Not a lot to report, just little stuff here and there.
I have found out that the Safeway near my house carries much better ice cream then the Albertson's I usually go to. Now don't start giving me a hard time on eating ice cream. I can eat anything, in moderation. So here is the deal.... Dove makes the little miniatures they sell in a box (i don't know how many make a serving, i guess probably 2) but I haven't bought these, because I had not seen them in years, until last week. Then I found out our Safeway has them. Now, better than that, our Safeway carries these little individual size servings of Ben & Jerry's. Yep, that's right, individual size, even comes with a plastic spoon. (about the size of the taster spoon at Baskin Robbins) Not all the flavors, just like 4 (cherry Garcia and Chocolate fudge Brownie and 2 others) Better yet they on sale 10 for $10 dollars so we bought 4. Its perfect size!!!! Ok the big problem is this. At Albertson's they have self check out, so I don't have to stand in line and can just scan my stuff and its simple. At Safeway there is always a line, no matter what time of day I go. I hate that. So there is that and now the ones that read this are going to kill me for that info. Sorry but maybe you will luck out and your store wont carry it that way and you won't go buy it.
So, I think I posted something about the visit to the vet last week and Jasper on tranquilizers. Anyway, Shannon keeps saying the cat has "kitty breath" so I asked he vet for a quote on teeth cleaning. Hah, $425 to clean the freakin cats itty bitty teeth??? I don't think so. So I am trying to find a way to do it cheaper. Apparently its the sedating or putting them out that cost so much.
So... i found a non sedating way that it is done. Apparently the pets stores and grooming places do it for $45-100 and the reason is they don't put them out to do this. Now that would be great but........ I had to tranquilize the beast to take him to the vet, so I only wonder what would happen if I tried to take him for a teeth cleaning with out tranquilizers or putting him out first. Kinda makes me laugh to think about it. I guess I will need to call and ask the opinion of the places that do it. Can't wait to hear about it now can you?? Pancho would love my cat all tranquilized.
Ok so I went to the dentist myself. No big deal to me. However due to the change in jobs, I decided I didn't need to continue to drive to Walnut Creek to go to the dentist. So I looked up a San Ramon dentist on my coverage and called it and made an appointment. Then I had to find the letter they sent and call them and change the appointment. Now I found the letter and called and didn't really think anything about it. Then I thought I saw something on the letter and had to find it again. I noticed the name on the letter was Kristyn Woodson. Now Tami and Kristyn or Krystin her co-worker (i forget which way to spell it) and I are always commenting on the ways to spell Kristin (the correct way). Then I saw this and told Tami and thought it was funny to see it that way. I didn't even look at the last name. Now anyone reading this that has known me since high school or soon after is already knowing where this is going. I looked a second time and thought, this couldn't be Chris Woodson's wife could it? I hung out with Chris and a group of Monte Vista students in high school and after. So when I called the dentist office back, I asked if this was the same person, and sure enough given Danville is such a small (or was) a small area, it is the same person. So off to the dentist I go, yesterday. I had not seen Kristy (she goes by Kristy) in a few years, maybe 5. She looks great, the same and I would have totally recognized her in a second. She also had her daughter in the office with her. I think she is about 14-18 months and I forgot the name sorry. Wow I can not believe how much she looks like Chris, totally has his eyes and just looks like him. Pretty baby girl. So that was interesting and now I know Chris also works down the street so I will check in with him also. It doesn't surprise me too much to run into people I know, it used to happen way too often hardly at all anymore.
Ok what else? Well I know I am liking my job. I seem to check my email for it from home to make sure I have not missed anything (or screwed it up)
I just finally got the diabetes educator to order an insulin pump so that is progress towards my goal. ( if you want to see what it is and how it works or whatever.
Then last part is that Pearl and Jim are moving, so we are getting some people together with them to go to dinner tomorrow night. After that, we are going to good old Dan's. Apparently one of my co-workers is in a band and he plays his first show with this band at Dan's tomorrow night. Hope it goes well. I will give a report on it if I can.

So.......who is reading this and did you all get the link to Jodie's blog?

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Tami said...

What? Jodie has a blog now? You all are dropping like flies into blogland...hehehehhe...

And Christyn spells it that way (different from any variation I had ever seen before meeting her).

Funny that you mention dentists, as I was attempting to call mine today to make an appointment for my regular check-up/cleaning. Of course, I forgot they are closed on hopefully I will not continue to procrastinate on that!

Now I'm off to bed so I can get to your place by 11am!