Friday, March 23, 2007

Here is the latest on all

So here is the latest bit of info.
First is on Jodie. Jodie is doing as well as can be expected. She was released Wednesday from the hospital. She did have a c-section but is doing ok considering all that is going on. Child birth, baby needing surgery at 5 days old and so on. As for Cooper, he is doing "about middle of the road" as Jodie said. So this is good, not worse than expected and a little better than expected. Apparently Cooper had his surgery on Thursday. This was to move his internal organs to their rightful places and then to also close up the hernia I guess. Now I don't know any of this as well as Jodie and Mark since they are living it so don't give me a hard time for wrong information or terminology. Anyway, from what Jodie told me, Coopers "numbers" were the same before the surgery and after, so that is good. His left lung is at 50% which is better than expected, so that's also good, he has 150% of his lungs. It's nice to hear things are looking somewhat good. It's really not known how long he will be in UCSF or Kaiser once he is transferred, if transferred. Nothing is for sure right now but it is looking positive. Keep the positive thoughts going and that's all we can all ask for.

Now, here is the latest of wildlife at our house. Yes we had 6 wild turkeys in the backyard. Crazy!!! They were not there long, long enough to get a picture. Whats next, should I ask??

So the next thing I can tell you is regarding my job. I am now unemployed. Due to lack of work in the office I was in, I was going to be transferred to a Sunnyvale office. Then due to changes unknown to me, it was decided to eliminate my position and I am now unemployed. I figure everything happens for a reason so I will eventually find out what that reason is. Right now I will look for a new job and I will work on increasing the wedding and event business. Any leads for weddings or events or jobs in my area are greatly appreciated.

What else? mmmm, oh yes, I got the insulin pump approved and received in the mail. I will be given a training on that and then in about a week or so it goes "live" on me. Lets hope I don't freak out.

Spring is coming and great weather yipppeeee!!

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Tami said...

Glad to hear Cooper is doing well.

You will find a job. And at least now that there's another income in the household, you will not go broke while looking, or have to jump at the first offer.