Wednesday, March 14, 2007

**Update** 3/15 Jodie and the new baby

Here is the update*** I got a call that Jodie was in labor 2 days and Cooper had other plans so he didn't come out. (Looks like maybe a ST Pattys day baby) So Jodie was sent away to rest and get some strength back. She goes back Friday 3/16 to be induced again. Poor girl

Well as you all know, the new baby has a name and he is Cooper Alexander Gerhardt. Jodie went in to be induced Tuesday and since it is Wednesday at 8:51 pm that mean she was induced 37 hours ago. So now baby yet and she has been in labor 37 hours. Lets all have good thoughts for Jodie to pop the little guy out real soon. Let's have even better thoughts for little Cooper, hah, mini Cooper, and hope he comes out and does well. As you probably know he has a diapramatic hernia so he is probably having surgery when he is a week old or so. Sending you all positive thoughts Jodie and Mark and Cooper. Waiting to hear when he is born so I can tell people more.

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Tami said...

I'm sending good thoughts to Jodie - looks like that mini Cooper is going to be a tough one to handle...right from the beginning. Rest up Jodie - you get to do it all over again tomorrow!