Saturday, March 31, 2007

Its Janene's Fault

Ok so I am bored and what did I do..... Well it is all Janene's fault. I started playing on the myspace thing and sent a hello to sona and to chris, who are people I know from my live band days in the late 80's early 90's days.
I am not into the myspace thing really so I was searching people and checking things out. Those of you that know Janene, know the story, those that don't, here it is. Janene and I know eachother from high school. We actually met during drill team try outs or something. Yep I tried out. Janene made it and I didn't. Probably would have put me in a totally different direction in life if I had. (I am sure you are amused to know this if you didn't already.) Anyway Janene and I were in photo together and who knows what else but we were really good friends, bad me.....we still are really good friends even though we live a state away from eachother. (Don't kill me Janene for the picture)

Certain friends will just be there forever and she is one of them, 23 years later holy crap!!! After high school, I got into the live rock bands, doing photography and actually was part owner of a magazine also. So I had a lot of friends I hung out with. I went out with this guy Chris when I was probably 20 I guess and at some point Janene met him also. She will know more of this story obviously than I do. Sometime in I dont know what year, Janene met Scott, through Chris. Scott is her husband and they have been together about 14 years I think. Back to the main point of the story. I was on Janene's my space page and saw some other blasts from the pasts, Chris and Sona. Sona was one of the gals that hung around the same bands I did. So anyway, then I went further and checked out Sona's profile or whatever the my space thing is called. Holy Crap, I saw the cry wolf reunion and well decided I have to go. i bought 2 tickets. . Anyway it would be interesting to see some people from the past. Its all your fault Janene.
Now I am stuck and have to see who else I find on the myspace thing.

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Tami said...

Nice hair...hehe

I'm on Myspace (I'm hardly ever logged in though). So, I get to blame Janene for whatever troubles this gets you into?

Oh, and she'll agree with me about one thing...Thank God you got out of that Chris phase!