Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Wow, its December

Ok so I havent kept up on this and I certainly do not know how to do this like Tami does. I like reading her blog.
So whats been going on with me?
Thanksgiving we spent in Minnesota. It was a rough flight to get there (took a red eye) ugh. Weather was a bit warmer than it was in San Ramon Ca. I like that. It was in the 50's so I never had to put on the warm layer underneath or anything. While there, we saw some of Shannon's friends. Went to dinner at one of their favorite places they all used to go, King and I thai food. These are college friends of Shannon's. He keeps in touch with a few. We went to a Russian Vodka bar after that. They had vodka "flight samplers". The samplers are 4 shots or tastes of different vodkas. Some are all from a certain country or maybe the bartenders recommendations. We all went over to Alison and SHawns house. (They have a cute golden retriever puppy, Apple, who is 10 months) Alison and Shawn have a great house. It was built in the 40's. It looks tiny from the outside but has 3 levels, I think. The bottom has a furnished and finished basement. Actually now that I think about it, the house has 3 or 4 bathrooms or more. Its a very different but great layout. Lots of potential. Ok.....the basement has a game room with a tv and fireplace and bathroom. The games are all computer games (remember shannon and friends are computer guys) So they were playing the guitar game, where you play the guitar by whats on the screen, kinda interesting.
Thursday was Turkey day. It was a nice day. Shannon's MOm is doing so much better. Last year, shannon and I made the Thanksgiving dinner. Anne was on oxygen and easily got tired so she was not up to it. We had fun with it. Well this year, she made the Turkey dinner. We (Shannon, Anne and I ) made some things on Wednesday in preperation for Thursday. We had a maple glazed turkey, mashed potatoes, corn casserole, cranberry, brussel sprouts (sort of), rolls, and not sure what else. There was pumpkin bars for dessert (like a pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting and pecan pie.
So Shannon woke up in the morning not feeling great. I felt bad as I was keeping an eye on him and not helping Anne with dinner as much as I wanted to. Fortunately, by dinner time 3 pm Shannon was starting to feel better and improve and joined us for dinner. It was SHannon and I, his brother Donn and Katrina (girlfriend) and CHuck and Dan and Anne. It was a nice dinner. The excitement was about the brussel sprouts. They were not cooked enough the first time so they were not edible. Then dan decided to put them in the oven and cook them longer. It still didn't help, so the joke was what to do with them. I think one suggestion Dan made was to drop them off the overpass, then when I liked that idea, he chickened out. We went and saw the James Bond movie that night. Shannon loved it, I didnt care for it.
Anyway, I even looked for Brussel sprout ornaments but the one i found was about $30 so decided against that.
Friday we didnt do a lot, shopped a little, went to the Minnesota shops and the University of Minnesota shop. We went to dinner with Shannon's parents. I wanted Olive Garden so we went there.
Saturday was a long day. We left at 8:30 and drove to Iowa to see and meet Shannon's Grandfather, its about 3-4 hour drive. This was a new State for me so that was nice. Not much to see as you drive, flat farm land. Cute traditional farm homes and stuff. We went to Shannon's grandfathers, Bob. We went to lunch in Cedar Falls and then to the mall. Tiny little town. Then we went to the cemetary also. Apparently where his grandmother is, which is also the place where his grandfather and grandmother had their first kiss. Cute. We drove back that evening.
Sunday we went through boxes and the closet that had stuff of Shannon's. Childhood stuff and a little older. We packed a box of stuff to ship to us. I am sure Shannon's mom liked that we made a little room in the closet. She said she has other things they have saved such as : legos, bassinet, and who knows what else. So apparently we are supposed to take this stuff. THat is fine, we just didnt get to it this time. Kinda nice to have things like that, especially if we do have kids.
Sunday night we went to dinner with Shannons friends, to Caspian, the persian place they like. First we went geocaching and it was fun. Dinner was good. We went to see Stranger than Fiction after that. I enjoyed that movie.
Monday was work day for shannon and we got a box ready for UPS to pick up and I shopped and we made dinner for Dan and Anne. We then went to the airport to go home. Nice thanksgiving trip away. No snow this year, oh well.

Other than that, I have been getting ready for the Christmas and new years holidays. Working on wedding picture stuff and getting to the scrapbook. Getting new years invitations created and sent out. Need to finish holiday shopping so I can send that stuff. Started working on xmas cards.
We went to the only holiday party I have been invited to. Kennys house in Discovery Bay. He had a 16foot silver noble tree. Beautiful tree, they went and cut down. Probably saved a fortune doing that. They are expensive.
The other news is I was able to use the "injectease" and give myself a shot, so it looks like the insulin thing will start to take place.
Now through the end of the year and into the next I guess: a few things going on. Going out to see Route 111, xmas and new years, having a new years party if anyone shows up. Crab feed Jan 13, not sure what else.
I am supposed to get working on the riding a bike since I am doing the tour de cure for diabetes in May.
OK enough for now I think

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Tami said... you have a bike yet?

And, you didn't tell me about the Irish Whiskey later Wednesday night. Bad Shannon!

People will show up to the party. I will anyway. :)