Thursday, December 07, 2006

New Years Eve Party

So this is on my mind. I have sent out some invitations for a New Years Eve Party. Shannon doesn't want to do something with crowds (of course I love being out on New years) so I went ahead and suggested a new years party at our house. It seems most people have established traditional parties they go to or events or something, so I am hoping we have some people interested. I am hoping for 10 or so. I dont know what to plan for the party. I am thinking if it is a small group like that, we use the ice cream maker and make home made ice cream or sundaes or something. I figure the 80's trivial pursuit maybe? Of course I have food and booze planned. Maybe attempt to create a balloon drop. Not sure. I know I have some help from Tami so that will be good. So far thats all I have. I guess this is one I will have to continue.

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Tami said...

We'll figure it out. I was wondering how to do a balloon drop, since you mentioned it on the evite.