Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Holy Lights!!!!

Well, now that the shopping is done and packages wrapped (except one) and now I realize I am not done shopping, still have to find a gift for Tom and Carole...........OK anyway, I am nearly at that point of being able to enjoy the holiday and such and start getting the New Years party together. I am determined to figure out how to do a balloon drop in the house, Shannon just laughed at me. He doesn't realize he is going to help me to do this. We have cute lights out on the house and it looks like a little gingerbread house (sort of) red and green lights around the house and candycanes on the ground. Tree is up and decorated inside. THis is the first time I have bought a silver noble (or what ever its called) Its also the smallest tree I probably have ever had. There are lights on our street all over, it looks nice and festive. I don't remember there being so many last year. The people down the street had inflatable christmas snowman or something last year. Actually, last year, at Halloween they had an inflatable ghost and then Thanksgiving they had an inflatable giant Turkey. Christmas was an inflatable Snowman or something. We were wondering if they might have a heart, bunny and leprechaun for other holiday. (They didn't, thankfully)
Tonight we went out and got dinner in San Ramon. On the way home I saw a part of a street with lots of lights, so I made Shannon turn around to go see them. We drove up the street and holy crap, holy lights. This entire neighborhood was lights everywhere. There were tons of houses lit up. They had inflatable globes and santas and snowmen, the grinch, bears, snoopy and you name it. The lights were all over, some were draped from one side of the cul de sac to the other, santa in an airplane and "where the wild things are" figures and more. Wow, this was more than I have ever seen and certainly puts our house to shame, our street for that matter. Some is over the top and over done, some looked really nice. I was wondering how the neighbors who didn't participate feel and how the others treated them.
Anyway, if you are nearby and want a place to see lights, this is it. There are lots of cars out in that neighborhood checking it out so don't do it on friday or saturday. Its worth the drive to see. Let me know if you want the information of where this is. Wow!!!!!
Happy holidays


Tami said...

Ack! I haven't finished wrapping yet, so I hope I don't finish and realize I'm not done. Because, regardless...I am DONE! And this morning Tony e-mails me to tell me not to get him anything because he's extra broke this year and is only buying for the parents. Too bad - he's still getting stuff from me! I am not returning the perfect gifts I found for him before Halloween! Besides, I like giving. (But why did he wait until 5 days before Christmas to tell people this?)

Now...think the lights will still be up by New Year's? I don't know if I'll make it up that way before Christmas. :(

Pancho said...
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Pancho said...


Let me know if it works?
only $38.50