Sunday, December 17, 2006

Holidays are approaching

Well here is my latest. I have basically finished the Christmas cards and sent them out. I think there are a few here and there left. I have just about finished the shopping also. Just my Dad and Aunt and Uncle left, crap, my grandmother also. The house is decorated and thats great. Now I need to work on the cleaning of it today. Still need to mail a few boxes. Its great that the post office will pick them up at home, helps avoid the joke of a line at the post office. I have been sick off and on this week. Called in sick to work twice. No voice and felt like crap Friday.
Last night was the night Shannon proposed last year. I think we both find it hard to believe it was only a year ago and now we are married. Still figuring out things we need to, like what goes where and combining address books and stuff. We are getting there.
We went out last night to sort of celebrate the proposal anniversary if you want to call it that. Went to cantina in Walnut Creek. Was surprisingly not busy. We had a horrible waitress, brought the wrong food and then did not do the bill right. We were supposed to go out, but I have been fighting being sick and being in the cold was not helping. I also got a headache and we just called it a night.
We have a busy week coming up. Dinner with my aunt and uncle and cousins, doctors appointments and stuff. Wow, next week is Christmas. Lots left to still do, well maybe not. If I can get away from the computer and do some things, that will help. So, off I go. Sorry not much to report thats exciting.
New years party it sounds like we have maybe 8 people. Could be interesting or fun. Hopefully. Still have to figure out the balloon drop idea. Maybe I am crazy.

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