Thursday, December 28, 2006

dogs in the office-

So this week has been a quiet week at work. It's a short week but it's going by soooo slow. Boss is off all week and 2 of our people in our department. (out of 13) Then there are just a ton of others out through out the office. We have each been doing our thing, what ever that may be, to make the day go by. Some work and some play. We are all getting sick of the See's candy that is in the office every day and other candy, pastries and whatever else that is made of sugar. Anyway, so here was today. I went in late, due to not being able to sleep last night. Figured I would turn the alarm off and just get up when I get up. My old boss Sheila brought in Spinach dip and veggies and bread (The spinach dip is great) and we are eating that at 8:15 in the morning. Then this other manager comes to me to ask me to show her how to do something and the difference between these 3 programs. She decides she is not prepared so asks me if she can come sit with me at 2:00. Thats fine. Then Rosanne goes to lunch. She always does stuff at lunch, she doesn't usually eat lunch. When she got back, she came in slamming things down and upset. Apparently she hit one of the pillars with her new car while parking. (Its easy to do, we have the narrowest parking spots in our garage) Her car is only about 2 or 3 months old, cherry fire red. So she is pissed and leaves again to go talk to the body shop. While she is gone, one of the ladies in my department that is off this week comes in. She comes over to Rosannes desk looking with her and she has her dog with her in the office. She gives the dog one of Rosannes stuffed animals and the dog carries it around. I am really not to sure how this would go over with any managers, having a dog in the office. I don't think I really like that idea. Though it may be because I don't care for this lady. (She and the other gal do things like have art and craft day and make paper snowflakes like kids make) GGGGrrrr dont get me started.
So then 2:00 finally rolls around, and 2:25 and 2:50. About 3:10 the manager finally shows up. She is such a dingy. First she comments on being late. Then she asks stupid questions and doesn't even know who uses these programs, what they do and why we use them. Our managers are like this in the office. My manager is rarely around and manages so other department apparently. (not her department) She doesn't know about half of what does go on, except what she sees, which isn't much.
After work, I came home. We have this little cottage that is on someone's property. It's really cute, located right in the middle of a neighborhood, but out in the middle of nowhere. We tend to have all sorts of wildlife around. We have had roof rats in the attic, skunks living under the house, owls in the trees, deer are around a lot, raccoons also live under the house and the normal other animals like squirrels. We also have a stray cat that is the property cat I guess. He is the sweetest cat, I should just switch him and jasper. Anyway, I saw the biggest raccoons today. They have been under the house, we hear them chattering. Sometimes they are annoying. They tend to eat the stray cats food. There were 3 of them and they were huge. Saw them waddling away from the cats bowl.
It seems the day was boring so I found some things that were more entertaining.
New Years coming up. We have about 8 people including us that will be at our house. I guess its my first mellow new years. I have done the pre new years resolution. Will be heading out to the gym in a little while.
Tomorrow is Friday, Yippeeee

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Tami said...

So...what's the pre-new year's resolution? I don't know about dogs in the office...I know that Autodesk allows them all the time. I can just see it being an HR nightmare with allergies and phobias...but I think too much.

If you switched the cats, Jasper would attack all your visitors. Oh wait, he does that now...