Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Things and more

Well here are the new things around here.
Shannon got a new desk for home and has it all set up. I think it is all set up, but he may be waiting to do something to it or add to it. I never know. I do know he was so excited to get it and put it together and add things to it and such. It has a computer keyboard that drops down and I actually don't know what else. Here it is!

Shannon and I also got a new tempurpedic mattress. It is Queen so now there is more room and it is nice. It is actually new to us and someone else had it and then after they got it the wife was diagnosed with some back problem and needed a firm mattress so we benefit from it. No pictures of it. Jasper likes it also, he sleeps between Shannon and I, right between our heads. Well he did at first but then he moved back to his kitty bed at the end of our bed. He barely fits in it he is so big but he sleeps there often.
We also got an early christmas present. Some people are contributing to it for Christmas as our gift so that is nice. It is a new barbeque. Shannon figured out which one he wanted and we went to order it. I figured since it said about 2 weeks for delivery, that would be perfect for Christmas. We ordered it on November 30th so figured that was due around December 14th, or right around now. No, it showed up on December 1st. I was shocked. So no bow on the box. I figured I would not be able to hide it until christmas. Heck it was so heavy I could not move it. So Shannon got to put it together and use it even. We still need a cover for it, maybe it will be a christmas gift from someone so I will wait to buy one. Here it is!

Not sure what else is new here.
Today is the day Shannon proposed to me in 2005.
Aren't we cute. This was just at Christmas eve that year. I am so happy he decided to move to California to meet me. (could not find a picture of the Broadway Plaza christmas tree he proposed under)
I dont have much else to post at the moment, well I do but its going on the totsite. Go there to see what else is up.

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BrodieSmith said...

I am glad you moved to California too, Shannon.
Love your bar-b-que too.
And I am sure glad you got that bed...you both deserve that!

oh and Shannon...you're desk is wonderful. I am sure it will serve you better, and so organized...Merry Christmas all three.