Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Holiday stuff.... only 8 days left

Well I got my christmas cards mailed out. Many of you got them crazy fast. I put them in the post box on Sunday at the post office. What is crazy is that people got them Monday!! Well glad you got them and enjoy the picture. I am glad I got most of them sent out. (only have received 1 so far though) Now I need to finish the holiday shopping and wrapping and mail out the packages. Thankfully I have only 2 packages to send. Yay. It drives me nuts that I am not ready and have not sent this stuff out yet. (Yet here I am typing on the blog and totsite) Go figure. Well the temperatures are cold (for California) Apparently enough to make the news in Tennessee. My brother called saying Mt. Diablo was on the news due to the snow on the mountain. We had hail as you see. That was exciting to me. Shannon just laughed at me outside excited about it. He laughed at the news reporting about the hail here also. Hey, give us a break, we don't get this much in California. Sorry you people in MN and MS and TN and other places are so cold. 40's in the day is cold enough for me. Ok I have some videos to post so enjoy. Katie is 7 1/2 months old now. (Videos take forever to upload so it might be a while)
Due to the amount of time it takes for the videos to complete the upload, I am starting to upload them on youtube and will put links here and the totsite. Assuming I can figure out how to put links here. Keep watching for some updates. I have some suprise pictures that will post hopefully christmas.
Dalmation Dog outfit


Doc Anne said...

Funny cow hat. I am amazed that wearing hats does not seem to bother her at all. Her fine motor control is getting so much better too. You may be in trouble soon, Kristin, like the mom on Baby Rabies. :)
Funny too about the hail. It was coming down pretty severely there. Your plants make it through?
It is actually warmer here today, in the twenties, though it took Dan two hours to make the usual half hour drive home last night.
Ah well.

Kristin said...

Its a Dalmation dog not a cow silly

Doc Anne said...

OH! It is? Sorry, i just saw the spots and instantly thought 'Holstein'. Can you tell I came from a farm state?
Cute as the Dickens anyway.