Friday, December 05, 2008

My Mom has gone home

Well gas is at $1.81 here in San Ramon and lower is some places nearby I have driven.
My mom has gone back to Diamond head Ms. She was here about 2 or 3 weeks and it was great to have her here. She and Katie enjoyed eachother. Thanks to I have been keeping my house cleaner and my mom commented on it and she even told other people. We are not super clean and tidy but making progress with small steps to create habits. I am trying.
So my mom will laugh at this. While she was here, we went to Safeway one day and ordered sandwiches. You go up to the machine and pick the sandwich you want. You can change the meat or bread or condiments or whatever you want. You put in your order and pay and then they call your name when it is done. Well we got this lady that should not have been working in the sandwich place. I got frustrated, partly with good reason. About 20 minutes later I asked if our sandwiches were done. (Yes it took 20 mintues to make 2 sandwiches) However the lady had screwed up and put onions on mine or screwed up my sandwich and someone elses, I dont know. Either way I said give it to me anyway I will take them off. Ugh, I can not even explain to you how frustrating it was. So we took our lunch back to my house and ate. I have only been there once and like the sandwich but after this said I was not going back.
Well I went back. I can hear my mom laughing now. Yep I got the same lady. After I ordered I noticed the lady and so I walked around the store. About 27 minutes later they finally finished my darn sandwich. Unbelievable it can take that long. I can not believe I went back.
Ok another thing to remember when mom was here. She stayed at Aunt Dorothys. So one day we all met for lunch at Wendys, Aunt Dorothy likes Wendys. Then we went back to her house and I was going to leave Katie with mom and Aunt Dorothy and go run errands for me and my mom. I took Katie inside and sat her on the floor. (she is sitting up well now on her own) I went to the kitchen with my mom and when we came back in the room, there is my 90 year old great Aunt on the floor playing with Katie. It was the cutest thing to see her on the floor with her.

We got to go out on 2 dates while mom was here. We went to movies and dinner. That was nice. I did not get to some of the things I wanted to but that is ok, we had a good time.

We went to see my old babysitter Georgia. We had a nice visit with her.
We got a Christmas tree and got it put up. Katie played with the branch, she loved her first Christmas tree. (Just don't tell Jasper it is Katies first tree not his)
What else? Not sure, lets hope my mom post some other things on her blog. Its on the right under Sue's Blog. She has pictures also. I will post more Katie things on the totsite. There are a ton and its all working now I guess so I can post the pictures and videos. Keep in mind I have 300 pictures to go through so be patient.

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