Thursday, April 26, 2007

Today and lately

Well nothing much of interest or at least too much interest has been going on.
My brother is out of the hospital and without surgery so that is good. Apparently the spleen can heal itself. I googled it and found this out.
I am not sure how Jodie is doing, you have to contact her or click on her blog to find out. Guess Cooper is ok and Jodie also.
I have been working on the weddings and events. I am getting booked better through October. I have 2 weddings a month except in June when I only have one. September has 1 booked and a contract due in and then 2 others possible. Walnut Festival is in September also and I have a corporate event looking for a planner also. Yay me!
I have been getting ready for the diabetes bike ride. If you want to sponsor me, there is a link on the right hand side of the screen. It is May 6th and I will ride 10 miles. I am excited that I will be able to do it and if I can keep riding on a regular basis, maybe I can drop a few pounds.
I have been working on this volunteer project and it is pretty neat. and it is to be completed by Sunday April 29th at 5pm. It has been a great experience in several ways. It gets me out of the house, in the sun and around people. I went the first day it was beginning, Friday April 20th. I spent an afternoon soaping screws. Yes, taking a bar of ivory soap and twisting the screws on it to get them coated in a soap. Not too exciting but interesting and I was able to talk to a variety of people that came and went through the afternoon. Yesterday afternoon I went back (I had been busy Saturday and Sunday and they took off MOnday and Tuesday) and spent the afternoon priming a bunch of wood. (I need to take the camera tomorrow and post some pictures) Today was kind of cool. I went and they put power tools in my hands. I was drilling and stuff. That was fun. At first I thought they might be crazy letting me do this but it worked out fine. I will go tomorrow afternoon and Saturday to help.
I guess I am also doing other Walnut Festival volunteer stuff. I am going to help Sunday with the in walnut creek. I dont know much else right now. I know that we are working with them for the walnut festival.
The nice weather is here for a day or 2 so I like that.
What else?
Oh I know. Its almost time to open the cabin. Road is clear and everything. Here is a neighbors cabin/webcam so that will be exciting.

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Tami said...

They gave you power tools!? I can just imagine...