Monday, April 30, 2007

Funny things

So as many of you know, I have a black cat (who seems to have the evil reputation). Where I live there is a "property stray cat". He is black and his name is bear. He is so sweet!!! You look at him and he gets excited and starts purring and drooling. When we moved in, we were asked to keep and eye on him and feed him and such. As it turns out, so was the gal in the other cottage. I never knew this. Greedy little guy, comes here and looks through the window at us waiting to be fed, morning and night and then runs to the neighbors and eats there. Well right now he has a gash on his head. I hope it was another cat that got him and not a mean raccoon. Either way, its sad, as it is swollen and yucky so I probably need to take him in to the vet. These cats are funny, they don't look at all alike but they trick me. Obviously not on purpose. I can go out the door to empty garbage and turn around and get startled that my cat go out when it is just Bear. OK so that's enough about the cats.
I have put in volunteer time with the playground. It was supposed to be finished Sunday but it didn't happen. So I guess I will go put some of my spare time into it some more.
My in laws are coming around May 20th so my goal is to tackle a few projects here at home and get them taken care of and clean up before they come.
My brother seems to be doing ok. Bruised and hurting but surviving and recuperating.
Jodie have put up info on her blog on the baby so he is doing well. I have yet to actually see him in real life, only pictures.
The diabetes bike ride is this weekend and I am going to do it! 10 miles. I hope I survive. Sponsor me on the link on the right of the screen.
I am doing well on the insulin pump so that is good. Doing some tests to pinpoint it. I have to do one that is over night tonight. I test my sugar 4 hours after dinner, then every 3 hours until morning, so 6:20 and then figure some things out. Let me tell you, I AM STARVING since I ate a light dinner.
What else is up? Maleah is 6 today.
Shannon has gotten some flying time in and is really happy.
My seeds I have planted are sprouting so that's exciting.
Other than that, I have not seen many friends or anything much. Tami has been the one I see the most. Everyone is busy with their lives. The other half of everyone has moved and stuff. Oh well.
So, for those of you that read this, whats up with everyone?

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