Sunday, April 15, 2007

The latest-

Not too much to report in my boring life. I started the insulin pump as I said and it is going great and so much easier and less stressful then injections. Yay!!
Jodie left me a message Friday and she sounded so happy I can not even explain it. Cooper was going home yesterday and I am assuming he did. I left Jodie and Mark alone as I know the families would be there and take up her time and such. You can see her updates on her blog but she is about a week behind. She will catch up soon.
We went out Friday the 13th. It was the 20 year anniversary for Pete's in Danville ( however it was also Smokin J's playing at Meenars (they played at Pete's also) and it was Vicki's birthday, which ment the Danville crowd would be out. Shannon, Jim and I went and joined the festivities. Kind of funny that we ate at Norm's since Pete's was packed as I expected. Food was pretty good, a little different menu but it was good. We wandered down to Pete's and found the gang. Some people I had not seen in years and didn't know they even lived in the area again. We Went to Meenar's and eventually Vince and the gang made it. I had a good time. Now Eric (Nyman) was around and I haven't seen much of him over the last year. How does he get away with things. He had on those shoes kids where with wheels!!! I didn't know they made them in adult sizes. He was wheeling around in Pete's, he is so funny. He said he likes the mall because it has a smooth surface!!! So that was entertaining.

I have been job searching, putting in resumes and been on 3 interviews. I am also putting my name out there for corporate and other events and of course do the weddings. I booked 2 new weddings this week so that is exciting. Please feel free to pass my name on for whatever it may be.
Jasper has been his normal blob self, he is so big. He has a new thing with sleeping in the middle of the floor. Nearly fell and went head first into the table the other day trying not to step on him. It is sort of weird behavior for him. Starting to wonder if he is ok.
Shannon is flying today (hopefully) so he is happy. Either way he is happy as he is at the airport playing with planes.
I have stuff planted out in the yard, it helps pass my time. I also have a tennis lesson I am taking so I like that and may start doing that more.

I have been riding the bike to get ready for my ride. So far I know I will make the 10 miles. (sponsor me on my diabetes link)

Walnut festival people have some interesting things coming up, one is regarding building a park for children of all abilities. Its the first of its kind in the country. Here is the info- so going to help with that.

we are
now ready to start the build of this playground...
we are in the need of 300 volunteers a day for ten
days to complete the project...20 april until 29 april...

please, go to the website:

to get more information, volunteer time, tools, money,
food, etc...if you have more questions, contact me or can sign up on line for a time slot...if you have
four (4) hours and want to be part of this fantastic
project...sign up...

this project started as the dream of one is now
grown to include the city of concord, other service organizations,
local citizens of the area...

i am attaching a flier requesting monetary donations
for is the tool coordinator and this
opportunity just became available...if you can help
or know someone...give them the flier...

again, if you have any questions, please call me...
thank you for taking the time to care...

So as I said, not much going on, just little things here and there. I am sure I missed something. The thing about Eric and his shoes was a highlight, it was pretty funny. I did watch Tami's cat. That cat tries to kill me and won't let me walk.
So support me for the Diabetes ride and make a donation or come help us build a park.


Tami said...

My cat - also a big blob - is simply trying to love you. To death.

Pancho said...

Now that makes me want to go out and buy some of those roller shoes, I'm jealous. I'm going to go check right now.

Kristin said...

he got the shoes at sports chalet in pleasanton