Monday, April 16, 2007

My Brother

&&&4/19 update- Bobby is doing better, and they are sending him home Thursday morning- I think- Here is what Jade just sent

Long day! Just gettin back home from the hospital. From what your dad
said the nurses and doctors told him - Bobby should be coming home
tomorrow some time. He's starting to feel the "soreness" in his whole
body from the accident now and looks like a little old man hobbling

***4/17 update- No Surgery, so far, this is from Jade
Hey yall!
Just checkin' in for a minute. Bobby is still in Special Care at St.
Thomas and has been sleeping most of the day. I went by earlier this
afternoon and the nurse says he'll probably be in special care through
tomorrow and maybe get a regular hospital room tomorrow night or Thursday
morning. They still have him hooked up to an IV and are checking his
blood every 8 hours. He hasn't been able to hold down liquids yet - he
ate some jello this morning and threw that back up. He says he's hungry
and it hurts his tummy when his stomach growls.
I haven't seen one of the doctors today to get his opinion again of what's
going on - but I'll make sure to find one when I go back this evening.
Other than that, we're just waiting for him to heal up and get better! He
is definately feeling a little better cause he was joking around this
morning with one of the nurses about his ass hurting from laying on it too
Here is the very latest, My brother lives in Tennessee. He went dirt bike riding today and had an accident. Apparently he is in the hospital with a ruptured spleen. So far they are not doing surgery, yet. UGH, go figure. So he is in ICU


Tami said...

Your brother is certainly a pro at self-injury, isn't he? How's he doing? Does the spleen heal itself? Or is it one of those organs you can do without? (I wasn't thinking it was, but I kind of suck at anatomy crap)

Jodie said...

Really sorry to hear that your brother was in an accident - please send our best wishes for a speedy recovery.