Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Something Janene sent so I will see who does it

Go to your favorite search engine (mine is google).
Type in your first name, then type "needs" next to it (EX: Janene needs) then hit search.
The FIRST thing that comes up - copy it and paste it and send it on! I'll do it for my whole family. It just turned out SO FUNNY!

Janene needs to know which MATPRA members will be staying overnight (okay... I have NO idea WHO the "MATPRA" group IS!) - my second one was so funny I thought I would add that as well

Janene is four now and she nursed until just after her 4th birthday (ewww....don't THINK so!)

Scott needs NUDE MODELS (OHhh......this is SO typical! Could that fit any better!!??!?)

Isabella NEEDS Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (what IS that???? And can we afford it?? Heee heee)
Izzy needs a dog (not until Hell freezes over!!! Nice try!)

Xander needs a good wash (WHEW! I'm glad I gave him a bath tonight!!!! TOO FUNNY!)

So.....try this with your name - or your whole family and be sure to send it on and remember to send it to the person who sent this to you (so we can see too!) Have fun!

So I did it on Google also and here is the results

1- came up as Kristen so I didnt count that (says Kristen needs to wash her socks)

2- 5.10 Introduction to Repetition
So far, in all of our examples, when we ask a robot to move from one point to another, we have known exactly how far it would move. There are many situations, however, in which this is not true. Suppose, for example, that a robot named Kristin is standing at the origin facing east, and suppose that there is a beeper somewhere along 1st Street. We want Kristin to go to the beeper and pick it up and return to the origin.

3- Kristin Cavallari Needs To Sex It Up

Shannon (of course refers to a female in this)

1- Shannon Elizabeth Needs To Get Naked In Film Real Soon · Shannon Elizabeth Poker

2- Will Good happen In Life Shannon needs help Please Donate financial invest future children love cash charity humanity depression suicide give gives giving ...


Tami said...


tami needs some more comments!!! so here is yet another.. :-D u left me earlier.. so i was Daniel.


Tami needs help, let us pray that she receives it.

or better yet

Taiwan is now facing a period of reforms and TAMI needs to embrace that, " Huang stated. "TAMI will take its role to help the government improve and ...

So much pressure on poor Tami!

Christyn said...

Well, since my name is so uniqely spelled, it didn't come up with that many results in Google...

1. Christyn needs mornings.
(I don't do mornings why should I NEED mornings??)

2. Christyn needs peace (however this was someone else's response on another blog, with your same
question)! :)

OK, so I did it with "Christy" as some people call me and I got...

1. Christy needs a little more humility like this weekend's loss

2. Christy needs to blog

Have a great day Kristin! (I'm sure you got more results with your spelling)

Pancho said...

Pancho needs your prayers it's true, but save a few for Lefty too
He only did what he had to do, and now he's growing old

From a Willie Nelson song. Funny