Friday, January 26, 2007

Full Moon?

So over the last week there has been a few things going on. I finally was offered a job and its a great opportunity so I am able to take it . Yay and I get to leave my job of 6 years and 9 months, which I have not been happy with for about 6 years. I am excited and anxious and not to sure about leaving and starting fresh but it will be a good thing. I start on Monday Feb 5th so for the first time in years and years I will be off on my birthday. My last day at Fireman's Fund is Jan 31. Thats exciting news to me.
Talked to my brother in Nashville for the first time in a month or so. Neither of us had much exciting news. I told him about the racoons and other stuff. Asked whats up with him. I guess Maleah is behaving in school now. She has not been picking fights with 8 year old boys (she is 5) or fights in the bathroom at school anymore. Well recently, you never know what she will do next. She did get poked in the eye by a boy and had to go to the doctor on it or emergency room or something but it was just scratched. She is going to be playing soccer and it starts soon. That will be good for her, she has a lot of energy.
Bobby's exciting news was about where he lives now, which is out in the woods I guess. That's what he and my dad said. So apparently his girlfriend Jade was outside the other night and they had like a pit fire going out there or something and a helicopter was shining its spotlight on her. They thought this was weird. So today I see this on I asked him about it and this was it. Weird.
So here is another weird thing. Many of you know how independent I am and that I have been working jobs forever. I started working as lots of kids, babysitting. At 11 years old, I started babysitting in the neighborhood. I made a lot of money doing this and people booked me a year in advance for new years. Anyway, today I pulled up the local news online on and find this. This was just so strange and gave me chills. The Lemke family lived down the street from me, next to my friend Lisa. I babysit these kids when the youngest one, Jonathan, was probably just a young baby or around 1. My brother went to school with the older kid Jerehmiah. There were 3 or 4 boys in the family total. So that was just creepy and weird.
Hmmmm what else? I spoke to someone that has a cabin on our road and found out, of all things, he has a webcam in the second story window and you can see how much snow there is and stuff. Yep, something else that was exciting to me. I thought it was pretty neat to see, since the cabin is not really winterized. Once there is enough snow, they close the road at town and you have to have a snow mobile to go further. Apparently we have not had that snow this year, yet. He said he was there New Years and if you look on the webcam, you see the path he made to get into his cabin. There has been no snow since before new years so right now you can still drive to our road or probably nearly to the damn. This is something I have wanted to do for years, go up to at least the town (La Porte) and see the snow. Maybe since there hasn't been snow, we will do it in the next few weeks.
I know there have been a few other weird things going on. I guess I think of them when driving but forget by the time I get home.
Looking at the calender, there is another week before the full moon so not sure whats up.

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