Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Racoons and wildlife

I want to shoot the racoons. Anyone who has been at our little cottage knows that we are in a little area with wildlife. The racoons have driven me crazy off and on over the year and a half I have been there. Last summer they opened 20 cans out of 24 cans of cat food and littered the front part of the house with the cans and lids. To top that off, they only ate 4 or 5 of the cans and left the rest so now i have to throw them away anyway. They are just a pain. Fortunately they don't dump the garbage cans. (yet) We have chased them with a bat and all sorts of stuff. They freaked me out once when one reached out under the deck at me when I was walking outside on the deck. Sometimes we hear them chattering under the house or they bump something and we hear it. All this, fine, I will deal with it. The deer eat everything also. So far no skunks under the house this winter. Fortunately I only have seen a bat one time and never again. Its nice to hear the owls. The outdoor cat that is the property stray just watches the animals walk by. Shannon came home the other night and a racoon was eating the cats food and the cat was sitting at the end of the porch watching it.
The latest problem with the racoons has made me crazy. They are apparently climbing up the wall between the bathtub and hall. I hear them scratching, loud. They have huge nails!!! The other morning when I heard them, Shannon climbed up in the attic crawl space and apparently there is a hole. Hopefully a hole to small for these huge obese racoons to fit through. He looked down the hole and there is a racoon looking up at him in the wall. THey are tearing up the insulation in the wall and sort of building a nest or racoon city under our house or in our wall. Then I start having more weird dreams. They just freak me out, I can not explain why. I am ready to get a gun though. GGGRRRRRRR whats next?

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Tami said...

What's next? Dawn of the Raccoon's Hostile Takeover, led by their mysterious masked leader, centered in the secret raccoon city.

Their only true enemy? The 2 legged blonde creatures that rule the suburban home above their secret lair.