Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Mid January

Ok I have been bad, but I haven't done much to really report. Plus everytime I go to write something, it seems so dull. Tami is the only one that reads it and she is the only one I have done anything with basically, so its not like she misses anything. So here is the update.

New Years was too mellow and boring for me. In the future, I will not do a party at my house and I will go out somewhere, where there are people, at least more that 5 that is. We spent New years at my house and it was Shannon, Tami, jodie and her friend and myself. Played board games, ate food and watched Dick Clark. Just a bit mellow for me. Oh well, we live and learn.

The 6th, Tami and I went to the Titanic exhibition. It was pretty good to go see. See tami's blog, she kept my "boarding pass" and explained more about it.

This 3 day weekend we just had was nice. Saturday evening was the Walnut Festival's 2nd crab feed. Of course they pull it together last minute regarding a lot of it, but it all works out. We had a good group of friends and co-workers. Tami, Jim, Bronwyn, Liz and Chas, Shannon, Cathi from work and her boyfriend. It was nice to get people together. After, we walked over to Dan's. I was so happy to be out. I will somehow start doing more of this, just to get social and see people. Sunday I went with Tami and Liz and we went to Menlo Park to Stanford mall. It was a nice outdoor mall. I have never seen so many dogs in a mall and in the stores. We were not real successful in the shopping part of our trip. I think Liz bought something. We headed over to down town menlo park to The Cheesecake factory for dinner. This being a sunday night, we didnt expect it to be busy. Liz called and they said 10-15 minute wait. Once we got there it was 15-30 minute wait. It was something different to go do. Dinner was good, large portions. We shared a white chocolate rasberry cheesecake slice at the end. I think we probably could have shared 1/2 of it, as we were full. Menlo park down town is real cute. The trees have the white lights on them at night. We were not sure if this is left from the holidays or how it always is. They should keep them up all the time, it adds character to the area.
Monday was not too exciting either. I went and met Shannon for lunch since he had to work. That was a nice change. Then I returned things and went shopping, got my car smogged and nails done while car was being done. It was a nice relaxing day.

So the update on me and the insulin with me. I am sure people do not know much about his and I do not know how to explain it well, so if you want more explanation, ask me or google it. I was changed from a insulin pen which had a 70/30 mix and these tiny needles (3/16 of an inch needle) to a different insulin. With the pen, I was not able to do the injections myself due to a fear of the needles and seeing it. I can't watch them give shots on tv or my flu shot get done or the needle go in for blood work I get done every 4 months. I was dependent on Shannon for this. I had to make sure he got up in the morning so I could get the injection and go to work. I was so dependent, which was making me crazy, that I cancelled dinner with my cousin's because I could not give myself the injection and had to do it before eating dinner. The other thing about that is I am supposed to eat 45 carbohydrates and breakfast and dinner and 30 at lunch. This is not easy to do. Everything we eat is carbohydrates: breads, fruits, veggies and lots of things. It was making me crazy. This 70/30 mix insulin was temporary to get me started on insulin. I had some horrible low blood sugars from it. One that was bad was from the gym. I had left the gym dizzy and sort of disoriented and checked to see what my blood sugar was, 42. That's low. The other side effect of the insulin is nightmares. They are not like a normal nightmare but worse. Its hard to explain how real they seem and how they feel. Apparently this happens when you have a low blood sugar, maybe to wake you up or something? Very annoying.
So a month ago, I changed to a different types of insulin. One is a long lasting insulin called Lantus and it is 1 injection a day and last 24 hours. The other is novolog and I do that when I eat and adjust it to the amount of carbohydrates I am eating. Its still a pain but it gives me a lot more freedom. I am not limited to the 45 carbs now at meals, as I just adjust to what I eat. OK so this is a lot to explain if I keep explaining it.
Have other things to update so will do it separately

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