Sunday, March 04, 2012

My dad update

I have not updated this in a long time. However, this is a great place to post some info rather than Facebook post. It's too much for a FB post.
So for a recap on all on what happened and what is going on. My dad was in a solo car accident. He had not felt well while diving home from the grocery store, nauseous. He pulled over and it passed so he only had a block or few blocks to go and continued on again as he felt better. According to witness behind him and him remembering everything about the accident, he then drifted a little then he thinks he blacked out. He woke up crashed into tree. (amazing he is alive) He remembers all of this part. He says he woke up to the car, with a smashed windshield, hood squished up, his arm bloody and hanging and fingers "mangled". He remembers a very bumpy ride to the hospital (says it had bad shocks) and yelling at the driver to take it easy he was in pain. He remembers being in the ER and X-rays and cutting off his clothes. So, he obviously has no head injuries, that is a fantastic sign. Due to the lower seat belt and air bag, which saved his life, here is what happened. (sort of, what I can recap) Dad has 10 broken ribs on one side and 2 on the other. (remember this is off the top of my head and my not be accurate)His left arm is very bruised and has a gash on his arm that is deep and got stitched up. The right arm is a bad break. He remembers it just hanging there. It sounds like it basically broke in half and it came though the skin. He's fingers on that hand are broken, "mangled" is the word Dad used to describe it. He has a plate in that arm and a very heavy cast. The lower part of the seat belt did some internal injuries. He has had 2surgeries. He had major blood loss due to some internal bleeding. There are a bunch of other things I can type up but this gives you the mist of it. No leg, feet or knee problems. These days are really critical in seeing what the recovery is and such. They are now at the point of getting him up 3times a day and sitting in a chair. If you were to speak with him, you would think nothing is wrong and he broke his arm. When you see him he looks good. He is in good spirits but in some pain. First thing he said to Bobby when he came out of sedation was "where are my teeth?" it is just amazing how much detail he remembers. In a way that is great since thereis no head injury. However that is awful to have to remember.
So feel free to touch base for updates.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the update! What a horrible thing to have happen. I am so glad he made it to the hospital and they were able to take care of him. Please tell him we are thinking of him, and of you as you go through all this. We love you.
Mom and Dad Madsen

Tami said...

I am glad that he is in good spirits, since I do believe that patient attitude has an effect on healing. And I can totally see him yelling at the ambulance drivers to take it easy. Thank you for updating us on the situation. I hope you are doing okay.

Jodie said...

it sounds like dad will pull through this, with a few bumps, but that is good to hear. I hope you are hanging in there!

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