Tuesday, March 06, 2012

A little Update

I am back home in California. I can not begin to express how hard it was to leave my Dad in Intensive care and return here. I am in tears thinking about it. Right now, I have a little update. He is now in "step down" of intensive care. They are trying to get his system working. The Doctor put it as his anatomy was reconstructed. So they are trying to get the bowels working again. The good news is that yesterday he pooped 3 times. Mind you he has a coloscopy bag due all the reconstruction. He will have this bag for probably about 4 months. However, Yay for poop!!! That is a great sign. This morning he had a set back and threw up again. So I understand he they were taking it easy with him and now need to let him rest. So things are not progressing as well and hoped. It is going to be a difficult long recovery and a rollercoaster ride with a lot of ups and downs. It is so hard being here and not there.


Chastity said...

Hang in there Kristin; sending prayers and positive thoughts your way.


Aunt Barb said...

Kristin, I totally understand being so far away and wanting to be there! Wish I was closer to take care of Katie so you could go and stay for awhile!

Doc Anne said...

I agree With Auntie Barb! I would so much like to be there to help.

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