Thursday, March 08, 2012

March 8th for my Dad

Here is my brothers facebook post from last night:

Sorry I'm bored!! So today's update,much better day for Dad considering.He got out of bed,took 2 steps and sat in the chair for about 2 hours.They took him off the morphine and now the pain meds are through the IV.His ECHO test looked good and back on ice pellets and small sips of water.He had a tube in his stomache that drained out all the bad stuff(acid) and that came out early am.No vomiting today! They will start the feeding tube again in the am and hope he handles it well,he has had no food in a week.The catheter came out today and the first time he got up to pee he about passed out on me and his heart rate jumped to 145,scared the shit out of me,I got him back in bed and called the nurse.Then i noticed they took out the oxygen tube and I put it back in and he came back,he said thats exactally how he felt before the crash,hmmm!He got to pee on his own this evening,very good!His neighbor Richard sat with him for over 4 hours,very nice.This evening Jade came up to visit for a little while after work(thanks babe).And I found his mailbox key in his car today after tearing out the dash of the totaled car!Today was a good day!!!

He also spent an hour or so tearing apart the car looking for the mailbox key and he found it. He was very excited about that and my Dad, Bobby even called me to tell me. My Dad told him to go get him his mail. Oh and you can go ahead and send mail to my Dads address since they can get it now.
Bobby is doing very well with dealing with the medical part of this, enough that he says he should go to medical school. I can see him as a nurse, or something just not sure what.

So I do know that the catheter is out. The orthopedic surgeon said he will be fine to play golf. Apparently you dont use your right arm as much as left, which I did not know. The insurance did total his car. I will post a picture of it when I have it.

As for today, I dont know how it went. I spoke to Bobby this morning around 8 and have not had an update since then. I will post more as I have it. Feel free to call me or Bobby or even try my Dad on his cell phone. He is in good spirits usually and just very tired.

I want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers!! It all helps to get through all of this. It will be a long road for recovery but every bit of positive is a good thing.


BrodieSmith said...

So glad he is improving slowly.

Tami said...

It sounds like he is making progress, which is good to hear. Have they figured out what made him pass out while driving?

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