Thursday, October 30, 2008

October and holidays approaching

Wow! I can not believe it is October already. No wait, its Halloween in 1 day (note to self to pay rent) and its November and only 56 days or something til Christmas. This end of the year is creeping up fast. We have been busy with Katies Grandparents visiting and Grandma Sue coming in almost 3 weeks and moms group stuff and whatever else passes the day. I just had Katie's 6 month pictures taken. They came out cute so watch for those on the tot site (link is on right of my blog under Katie Madsen). Halloween pictures will get posted obviously after halloween. We went to the pumpkin patch also and I used my SLR 35mm camera so film is being processed. If you want pictures mailed to you, yes real 4x6 type paper photos, just let me know and I will send anything, I have lots. You can read all about Katie on the tot site and videos will be uploaded soon. Its 3 am and I need to hear them before I upload and I dont want to wake Shannon or Katie with it. (sound travels through the baby monitor)
I am updating the wish lists on I set one up for Katie and I also have one. Remember, it is just an idea for gifts since some of you ask about what we want for Christmas. This does not mean you have to purchase through amazon. I posted a toy box for Katie. We are not particular, maybe someone is handy with wood and can make a nice one or has one or has seen one, just wanted to put it on the list so someone knows. Our bbq has also died, we know we would like something more than the basic gas bbq but not the expensive $300 bbq. If you are considering this, just ask me or Shannon as we know sort of what we want.

Ok enough on gifts and that. What else is going on? We just bought a tempur-pedic bed over the weekend. A wedding/christmas gift to ourselves. It was a great deal and less than 1/2 the normal price for them so thats even better. Hmmm why am I not asleep on it right now?? Not sure. We will get new bedroom furniture of some sort when we move sometime next year, there is not enough room for it here right now.

I am working on trying to build my business again for 2009. I have many requests for events but nothing booked right now. It always seems to be this way at this time of year. I also have a portion of my calendar blocked right now. We will be taking a trip to Ireland and Scotland in July or August and I dont know the dates until January sometime so I have to keep it blocked for now. That will be a great trip. My dad, aunt and uncle are to go together to bury my grandmothers ashes in Scotland, so we are all going. Since I did not make it to Texas when she passed away, I want to make this trip. Anyway, so until I know dates for that, my calendar is blocked off right now. I also only have 1 more wedding left this year. Obviously was not too busy this year due to pregnancy and economy.

Not sure what else I can tell you so I think I will try to sleep and continue soon to tell you more on whats going on

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Nancy B. Hartley said...

Hi Kristin,
You have a really nice blog!! I'm so impressed! If only some of your talent would rub off on me!!! I'm trying!! On another subject, I'd love to have one or more of your photos that you mentioned in your blog. I'm sure that they are all adorable!! All your updates on your blog are terrific and I really enjoy reading them! Thanks so much, Nancy