Monday, October 13, 2008

Hmm "Eye on the Bay"

Tonight we watched Eye on the Bay, King Walnut from the Walnut Festival was on it. We it turns out they did this thing that was getting from point A to point B. Point A was "Blackhawk" and point B was "Brentwood". I learned a bit of information on the East Bay. We saw my cousins boyfriend Mike who works for Blackhawk homeowners, yay Mike. Then the show stopped in Walnut Creek on its travel out to Blackhawk and "King Walnut" was on it. I also learned about the creek and where it travels in Walnut Creek and where it meets up, which I had no idea about. Next was Pleasant Hill. I had no clue that Tom Hanks had a childhood home in Pleasant Hill. Next was Pittsburg and its various names and history before being named Pittsburg. OH wait I forgot the cool part, Concord. I was born in Concord and they talked about the hospital, now know as John Muir .... something or another. It was called Mt. Diablo community hospital when I was born there. Well Luke Skywalker, whatever his real name is, he was born there also, how cool. Then they traveled to Pittsburg and then to Brentwood. The only thing I found interesting in Brentwood, besides how much it grew, is that they have fruit stands and you go pick the fruit/vegetables yourself. I might actually check that out since i am due to head out that way soon. Not sure what is in season but may check it out anyway.
Ok thats my non baby related post. I thought it was an interesting segment of the show. I never watch it so maybe I will now on occasion.

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