Monday, August 20, 2007


Another view of the tunnel insides

The chipmunks are so little and cute, see him?

Shawn and Shannon

Slate creek bridge built in 1910

Port wine bank remains.

Opening to tunnel

Inside of tunnel I guess, I was not there, this was the boys.

So we have had a busy month. First we spent 5 days in Minnesota. Of course I had a wedding the following wedding. It was the most local one I have had, right in Danville. Then after that it was get ready to go to the cabin. We met Shawn and Alison at the cabin. Shawn rode his motorcycle from Minnesota and Alison is actually from Woodland (on the way to the cabin) and we picked her up. By the way, Shawn is a friend of Shannon's from college and work in MN. We had fabulous weather up there. Shawn had a great time riding out to Ca. He was stopping in National forests, as many as he could and some other sites. I am eager to see his pictures as he does take great pictures. (a hobby of his I think) So while up at the cabin, we all went one day and did some exploring of old gold mine country and mines and such. La Porte was a mining town and actually there are some old mines and hydrolic mines. The guys were more adventurous than we were and went to explore some tunnels and stuff. We found an old ghost town area called Port wine and the cemetary and old bank. We have been before but could not find the bank and this time we found the remains of the bank.
The next day Alison and I spent the day at the cabin doing nothing and the guys went for a hike on the Pacific crest trail. Over at the cabin, we had a lots of little chipmunks running around. I put some food out for them and they were coming up on the deck, while we were sitting right there and eating it. I had flip flops on and they were coming way to close to me and my toes. (Which may resemble peanuts to them? I was afraid they would get me) The guys ended up doing a 10 mile hike that day and came back pretty tired. They seemed to have a great time though.
Friday was more a lazy day. We all drove to the dam, then around the resevoir. We had lunch in La Porte at Reilly's saloon and cafe. I had never ever been in the bar there and the food was pretty good. We headed home in the afternoon and stopped in Woodland to drop off Aliston but also had dinner with them.
Then Saturday morning Shannon left to go flying in Truckee, I mean early, left about 6 am. I had an appointment with clients that took all day. That evening was another uh adventure. Read the next post

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