Monday, August 13, 2007

Anne's First Annual Last Ever Birthday Celebration

Tootsie the cat!

We headed to Minnesota on August 1/2. It was a red eye at midnight so we went to the airport on the first and arrived at 5:30 am on the 2nd. On the first I had a client to meet at 6:30 pm in San Jose and then race home to get packed so we could leave to SFO about 9 or so. This was also the same day the bridge in Minneapolis collapsed. So I got home from my meeting and tried to pack but had a few calls and such regarding the bridge and is everyone back there ok. Thankfully, everyone was ok.

So we took a red eye on the vampire plane, Sun Country. (The Minnesota people told me vampires fly it as they were only flying at night) Since they got us in that morning before the sun came up, it might be true. But I did see the pilots and they didn't look to vampire like. Anyway..... we spent the first part of our day sleeping. Well Shannon had a project to finish and send to work and we both slept maybe 5 hours. Then we had things to do to help to get ready for this party. We went to lunch and a few stores to get some things we needed. Hershey kisses and name tag holders and stuff. Spent the rest of the day doing some prep for the party and then went to dinner with Shannon's parents. It was a good relaxing day and the next day had a lot in store for us.

Friday Shannon and I drove to Owatanna to pick up the pig (cake). Isn't he cute??? He was so good too.

Around noon Shannon's Aunt Barb arrived with her dog Bandit. She drove from Washington state.

She and I had never met and we clicked really well. I got to meet a lot of Shannon's family on both sides for this trip. We all took a trip to Costco. Shannon's parents, Barb, Shannon and I, it was the adventure trip to Costco. It was fun. Once we got back to the house, people started to arrive. Friday evening we had Joan and Allen and their son Ron. (Anne's sister, huband and son) Alice and Carole. (Anne's high school friends she had not seen in years) Muriel and Steve are people from the hospital. Ellen and Ed, (Annes cousin who had the triple transplant) Peggy and Rod (Anne's other sister) Barb is Dan's sister. Jed and Yang also made an appearance. Shannon's cousin and wife and Shannon had not seen his cousin in about 15-20 years. We had such a fantastic group of people and everyone was nice and great personalities. Dan bbq'ed and by the end of that night, Anne was beat. I think everyone left around 9.

Saturday we had thunderstorms in the forecast. Our plan for the day was everyone meeting around noon at the house, doing light lunch (make your own sandwiches) and then going to St. Paul to the Paddleford boat and going on the boat on the Mississippi then returning to the house for a casual dinner and cake. It rained!!! It was a lot of fun. Anne loved it! The boat was Dan's idea so he gets points for that. This is just everyone getting lunch and then on the boat pics.

After the boat ride we all went back to the house. (Shannon and I drove by the Oscar Meyer weiner car) For dinner, we had a wonderful meal brought in so that made life easier. Then it was just visiting and eating and cake!! Long night but really great and Anne loved it. So I am really glad I was able to help in making it such a great day for her. Below is Anne and Chucks wife Rachel and the next one is Anne and her cousin Ellen that had the triple transplant. Above is Shannon's cousin Ron and Anne on the boat and the building off the river is some building I forget the information on.

Below is a picture of Shannon's Dad, Dan, cousin Jed, Aunt Barb, and Jeds wife Yang. Other pictures is Chuck and Rachel, Shannons Uncle and wife.

Sunday we had breakfast, then it was another adventure. Shannon's parents, Shannon, me, Joan, Chuck, Rachel and Barb all went to R.E.I and then Michaels. That was fun. Then Shannon and I packed up and met Allison and Shawn, SHannon's friends for dinner and went to the airport. The flight was a little delayed and we left around 11PM or so and got home to the house at 2!!! Yikes, I had to get up to be at work to do payroll at 7:30. It was a hard day!!


Doc said...

I had a WONDERFUL fantastic time. It even beats my sixteen birthday that those old lady friends of mine also attended.
You are a great planner, girl. The pig cake was a hoot.

Tami said...

Yep, the cake was too cute. I wouldn't have wanted to cut it. (But I'd still have eaten it!) Looks like you guys had a great time!