Wednesday, June 20, 2007

We went to the zoo and a drive

I had a wedding this weekend and as I drove out to the rehearsal I saw hundreds of goats on the hill by the zoo. Then the next day, I went to the wedding and saw them again but they had moved to a new area. So I told Shannon I wanted him to see the goats. So Sunday we went to the zoo. Yes it was Fathers day but both our dads live out of state.
So here are the hundreds of goats on the hill from up at the zoo looking down. They are so cute!! Turns out the goats are there for fire hazard reduction, eco systems and the city of Oakland .
At the zoo, we of course saw a ton of kids and families. We saw the bats.
Giraffe butts! OK well they were being fed, notice the girls feeding them.

Then there is the elephants. There is one in the back of the pictue of Shannon and I.
Next we went to try and find another place and ended up driving on Skyline. Neither of us have been on that drive but it was a beautiful drive. These pictures are actually supposed to be of the view and how clear it was. Looks more like I took pictures of the houses and street. OH well.

Then apparently, we see more deer at the zoo and everywhere else

other than up at the cabin in the mountains. This is a deer shannon caught in the yard yesterday. Good deer, he is eating berries not my rose bush!! Other than that, I did a wedding out at Treasure Island on Saturday. It was really nice but freazing cold. That is an amazing site to do a wedding. Maybe I will post pictures next time, if I remember to take them. (hope to get some replies from people that read this)


Pancho said...

We'll be at Treasure Island this Saturday for the Summer Sailstice, a big race that goes on near the summer solstice. Free Rum and music.

Tami said...

Pancho - you have recently resurfaced. Look Kristin - he's no longer avoiding us!

The goats are way cute! I had no idea they set gaggles of goats (not the proper term, I know) to graze for fire hazard reduction. Makes sense though.

Zebra noise!

Pancho said...

Update on that Treasure Island Fiasco in Frisco! Our friends Dusty and Reagan were racing in the sailboat race so we watched their 3 and 7 year old for them for the day. We all drove to San Francisco at around 4pm so Laura could pick up a trophy and we would all meet back up at Treasure Island around 6pm. So the Yankee's were playing the Giants and all 40 thousand fans left around 5:30 then there was a fatal accident right at the exit for Treasure Island, so we sat in the car for around 3 2.5 hours and only went like 5 blocks trying to get on the Bay Bridge, at 7:30 pm we said "F" it and drove all the way around the peninsula to the San Mateo bridge and back up to Alameda. Didn't make the party and didn't get home to after 8pm. Only through super human will power did I not beat the kids in the car for kicking the back of my seat for 2 solid hours. Good times.