Friday, June 29, 2007

New Venture

So today I interviewed for a jop opportunity with Safeway in corporate offices. The job is Human Resources Administrative Assistant. Hmmmm the job duties do not sound like the title now that I think of it, but oh well. They called me an hour later and wanted me to start today! Well I could not do today so Monday at 7:30 I start a new job.
I sort of wanted to work and sort of don't because I am getting bored. I hope I get my mind ready. Wish me luck


Pancho said...

Awesome on the new job. Is it the Corp. office located in Dublin? Having a job even if you don't need one is the best, you can go there & be confident that if the job sucks you can tell them no thanks and look for something better. In the mean time a little extra money is always good.

Tami said...

Hey, how did it go then?

Now, after that whole day of work...are you going to be able to enjoy your vacation?

Jodie said...

How is the new job going?