Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Animals, people and things

So yesterday I made a drive to Santa Clara to participate in the Diabetes Expo planning kickoff. On the drive down 680, (which only took 45 minutes from San Ramon to Santa Clara), guess what I saw?? Yep, more goats. A couple hundred of them on the other side of the freeway. Its kind of neat to see, well so I thought. Driving back from Santa Clara, which I left at 5:15, the goats were not so cute. The traffic report kept reporting that goats were on the freeway. So I was waiting to see what happened when I got up ther, which took about 45 minutes, only about 10 miles away!!!!! Freaking goats, freaking people. What is wrong with people, they haven't seen goats before, just drive, don't stop and stare. The goats were not in any way on the freeway. The hill they were on put them right next to the freeway, so if they did chew threw the fence they would be. Oh brother!!!
Next was we went to the fair. My friend Jim called and said they were going after dinner and it was the day of $2 to get in. So Shannon and I went to the Alameda county fair. I had not been in years. I want to go back actually. Shannon and I got there before the others and the gate we went in had the livestock. There was a section of newly born calves, sheep and pigs. It was actually cool. There were several sheep and their babies that were 2-5 days old. Many other sheep and all are due to give birth during the fair. I thought that was cool. There was a huge pig and then the 6 babies of 3 days old I think. They were under the heat lamps. There was a 1 month calf and its 8 year old momma cow. There were also so very very quiet chickens that lay brown eggs each day. It was neat to see. We also checked out the other livestock, which included various types of sheep and some small cows and rather huge cows. Apparently we missed the small animal exhibit, which I now want to go back to see.
Wandered through the exhibits: gardens, collections and not sure what else. We really didn't cover the entire place. There were tons of things to see.
The others showed up, 2 other couples and we wandered around more. We watched the teenagers trying to ride the mechanical bull. A few of the others got beers and we checked out a few more things, heading towards the rides. They had a great price for unlimited rides so all 6 of us got the unlimited rides. The rides were great, but I also love the rides that make you go upside down and stuff. Apparently even though all of us loved the rides, the 3rd ride we went on, one of the girls with us completely tossed her cookies at the end of the ride, when it stopped. It was awful. I have never been with people that got sick from rides. She was so sick, then after that she wanted to go on more. I could not believe that. So they went on another and only 3 went as 3 of us did (Jim, Shannon and I) not want to get thrown up on. When they got off this ride, one of the guys ran away as he was sure he would be sick. I could not believe this. Sure they had dinner earlier, and the one girl was saying "oh its because we ate dinner first". So did Shannon and I and for that matter, we also ate a plate of nachos at the fair, but we were not throwing up everywhere. So then I turn around and she is sick again. This is unreal. So the 3 of us went to see the animals again and not sure where the others went. They wanted to go on more rides, even though they were throwing up!!! So sure enough when I said it would be fun and interesting to go with a group of people, it was.
Shannon and I both had the same thought today, we wanted to go back to the fair and see the animals and the ones we missed. We might before the fair ends. We will take pictures if we do!

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Tami said..., if I ever puke after a ride (and it has never happened before...though I couldn't walk for a while after the Disneyland teacups because I was trying not to), I can guarantee you there will no more mobile adventures that day... Crazy!