Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pre Memorial day at the cabin

We went up to the cabin on Tuesday to open it and meet Shannon's parents. Opening went without a problem, thankfully. We didn't know if we would have any broken pipes. Dan and Anne, Shannon's parents, met us at the cabin later in the afternoon. We showed them around and relaxed a little and drove down to the lake and then to the dam. Weather was pretty nice. around 70 in the day and not sure on night maybe 40's. Wednesday we took a drive to go to Feather Falls. It was a beautiful drive but unfortunately we didn't read the brochure well enough and it was a 4 hour hike. Myself and Anne could not do that so we all enjoyed our lunch and walk around a little on the trail. THis is a view on the way and some pictures on the trail. Also a fire water fountain we saw. Thursday morning Dan and I got up at 6 and went fishing. Of course he caught a really nice size rainbow trout and I got nothing. Here is a picture of him getting the pole ready and then another of the lake and the tiny patch of snow.

Then Thursday afternoon we packed lunch again and went off to find the mining areas and hydrolic mining areas. This was on a dirt road but such a nice drive. We saw the mines, the old bridge and a very old cemetary. This is a picture of a mine shaft.

Thursday night Dan and I fished again. No luck at all, not even a nibble. Well I got some mosquito bites.
Friday morning we got back up at 6 and tried again. No luck at all. THen later, we took a drive down a very steep and windy road to Quincy. Its about 34 miles away. We had a nice time, had lunch in Quincy and followed the 7 wonders of Railroad. So shannon and his dad climbed down this hill off the highway to find this tunnel that is 7344 feet and then a train came so they watched it go in the tunnel. Anne and I stayed up on the road and watched. It seemed safer that way. YOu can see us up there, the little people in the picture looking up.
Friday night Amy, Mike and Chance and Mike's dad got up to the cabin about midnight. We all got up Saturday morning and did some fire clearance around the cabin and went to the picnic grounds to help with cleanup there.
Shannon and I left Saturday afternoon. IT was a wonderful visit and probably the busiest I have ever been up there since I was a kid. I slept so good the entire time I was there. I was so tired.

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