Friday, May 18, 2007

La Porte, A1c and stuff

Well I dont know that anyone other than Tami is reading this, since she is the only one that comments. Nothing new to really report.

I went and got my HA1c test done. Its a blood test they do every 3-4 months to figure out your average number for diabetes. Thankfully it has dropped from 6.7 to 6.3. I am glad because I would have been pisses if I had gone through all this with the insulin and it stayed the same or worse, gone up!! So that is my good news.

I am working on preparing for a trip up to the cabin next Tuesday. 4 or 5 days away from computer and cell phone. We have absolutely no service up there, just about an hour down the mountain we lose the service. Should be beautiful weather. The cabin is in La Porte and has been closed all winter so we will open it and Shannon's parents will be up with us. I am looking forward to going and maybe fishing, should be great weather for it.

Here it is as we closed it up. That is my mom's cousin who has a cabin on our road and then my cousin Amy and Mike, Shannon and myself. (for those who can not figure it out)

I am trying to find the battery charger for the camera so we don't run out of battery. I don't know how we lose things in this house like we do. I guess we need to do a bit more organizing. I am starting to see some of the seeds I planted recently sprout. It seems they sprout and then die. I am hoping that us being gone a few days and not getting them watered does not kill them. The deer came back a couple of days after it ate my rose, but Jasper told me. What a good kitty. The deer we see right now at the house are the males. Here is Jasper and the deer last year. This is right out our sliding door bedroom window.

The cat just watches and meows. Its early morning usually when they are around, well actually its dawn and dusk. We haven't seen them in the evening yet. OH and the wild turkeys are not back at all, just a one time incident. Kinda cool that Shannon could get a picture this close. This was during the day though also. They eat the fruit that the tree drops. I think it is a loquat tree or something. They eat nearly everything else out on the deck and stuff. I am going to booby trap the area so they will stay away (hopefully)
Ok thats it for now. Stay tuned for the pictures from our trip.